Taurus – 2021 Tarotscope

Taurus – The Bull


You may find that your emotions will try to get the better of you throughout this year, Taurus. Coming into 2021, it will be important to withdraw your feelings in regards to certan situations. Remember the importance of using your intellect. It will be best to have an analytical approach, rather than act upon your feelings impulsively.

This is not to suggest for you to be overly critical with your eye, but you are being urged to use your sharp vision and be mindful when your emotions find themselves getting the better of you. Be honest about your motivations, and act with truthfulness in regards to decision making.

There will be lots of clarity with your vision should you use the power of your mind. Due to the intensity of your feelings, if you find yourself thinking too much emotionally and using your heart along with insecurities, this will dilute your vision and cause the haziness in regards to your approach with things.

You may find yourself being in a bit of a fantasy land, such as making up problematic scenarios that will not find their way of playing out. For example, you may worry that something will happen when it is not even on the radar. A lot of theoretical thoughts will be messing around with you, as there will be self-delusion in the energy for you this year, Taurus. Idealisms will not benefit you, you must force yourself into the analytical approach where you can.

It is important to focus on the fact that a lot of what you will feel will be straying on the side of illusion, due to anxieties and nervous aspects within your personal life. Your worries will not be a reality. When you catch yourself doing this, get yourself back into to reality. Remind yourself that the truth will bring forward your much needed clarity.

Love & Romance

This year emotions will be dominating your personal corner. This is not necessarily a good thing, as there will be a lot of moodiness and controlling behaviour going on here for you, Taurus. There is instability in this regard.

Tension may be high, as a strong person in your life will be conflicting with you. This toxic energy will not be coming just from you, this may be coming from the other party as well. Their emotions are going to be the root of this damage, which means that you may have pushed them too far. You will certainly not be helping the case. This conflict is going to be quite a stand out this year, it may be something that you will look back on in future years. It will have an impact.

You will need to bring balance to the conflict here, as you will need to work on the situation to bring back order. The person is benevolent and in any regard a lovely person. Sometimes, enough is just enough. There is only so many times that someone can be pushed, and you will be pushing them to their tipping point.

As it will be an emotionally high strung year, it is obvious to say here that there will be lack of balance in your personal life. No one will be taking responsibility for their actions, as everyone will be quick to point the finger. This immaturity will lead to unfairness, and someone needs to take the lead here and try pull balance back into the picture. You will have the power to do so if you see fit.

Money & Career

There will be discomfort this year for you, Taurus. It looks as though there is going to be a change where there is current comfort in your home/work life. This could mean that things will not be going as you pictured it, perhaps you had made plans to take it easy in your position at work and they have decided to move you to a different department, or ask a lot of travel from you which you do not wish to do necessarily.

This means where you have felt comfortable and stable, there will be changes happening that will conflict with your ideas. There may be tension and disagreement, perhaps someone is away from home in your household and not allowing you to have a break where they would be often helping out, and you are now carrying their weight while they are unavailable. You may be feeling under the pump, and stressed. You may be taking your tension out on the people around you.

The period of transition between the comfort of the ‘old’ way and the ‘new’ way will have you feeling uncomfortable and out of your skin. This will be temporary, as you try to re-root yourself in the new soil. Know that the change is inevitable, but it is necessary. Try to look at it with a good light, and welcome the new changes coming forward.


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