Aquarius – 2021 Tarotscope

Aquarius – The Water Bearer


There may be someone charging ahead this year with little consideration of those around them, this will be including you, Aquarius. They may be quite offensive, and loud. If this person is yet to come ahead, they certainly will be soon and you are being called to speak up.

They will be lacking compassion. Their impulsive energy will be arrogant and this will cause a bit of conflict in your life. You are being called to speak up in regards to the situations where you are not feeling heard. You may need to embody a strong presence to challenge this person.

Your mind is going to need to be balanced by the heart, so you are going to need to channel some emotional intelligence here and act with patience, compassion and kindness. This will be challenging as you may be dealing with such an irritating person around you, but you will be able to do this.

Love & Romance

You may be feeling quite fearful and insecure this year within your personal life, Aquarius. You must know that your fears are not based on reality, perhaps you are hesitant to commit to someone due to feeling paranoid about being left behind, or that they do not truly want to be with you.

This is an internal dilemma that you will be faced with, where you must separate your concerns with what is real. You will be struggling with paranoia, perhaps you will be thinking the worst immediately of a situation rather than thinking logically. There will be fears of not being liked, or appreciated.

You must not make mountains out of hills here, and you will need to be bringing yourself back to reality. You will need to stand up for yourself where it is warranted, but also acknowledge your accomplishments and be aware of how far you have truly come.

Money & Career

There will be a new adventure ahead for you this year, Aquarius! There are better times ahead, and a lot of change coming through. This indicates that there may be a change of job, travel, and moving. The finances may be shifted around a bit as you sort yourself out, but there will be a new path making its way to you.

It is a great time to make a transition. If you have been looking at changing companies, or perhaps sorting yourself out for applying for a new house, it is a great time to let go of the past and move on ahead. You are being guided to set sail onto the new horizon.


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