Leo – 2021 Tarotscope

Leo – The Lion


You must be careful of irresponsibility this year, Leo. You will have great optimism and see lots of achievement coming your way, but with this happiness and joy comes superficiality and shallowness. You may find yourself being swept up in the warmth of the world and opportunities that present themselves to you, and this will leave you over-abundant.

Know that your success will attract attention, and you may find yourself continously giving to those around you and with this will come a sense of burden. You will find yourself active, it will be quite a busy and demanding year for you. Be careful to not neglect all aspects of your life, as this will bring forward a lot of immaturity and you may not necessarily take all of your duties seriously. There is a great focus around nuturing all path ways around you, personal and public.

It will certainly be your year to shine, make sure you allow it to be in the right light and that you are saying yes to all opportunities that life throws at you, big or small. An important note is to make sure that you have emotional depth to you, as without this, you will be severely lacking.

Love & Romance

It will be quite difficult for you in your personal life, Leo. You may find yourself going through quite the rough transition, this could be you causing this, keep that in mind.

There will be pain, betrayal and a bit of confusion coming through. You may be going through quite a dark period this year, this could be painful things being held onto from your past. You must move forward into the light, and let go of betrayals or allowing situations to undermine your confidence in your decision making.

Your current course of action will cause pain to yourself, and you must prepare yourself for the separating circumstances coming forward. Be strong with your choices, and make sure you are ready for rocky waters for a while. You may be feeling as though you will not be able to trust others or yourself, as things will feel quite difficult for you. Stay strong, Leo!

Money & Career

Projects are going to require action and swiftness this year for you, Leo! You are going to be full of acceleration and movement. There may be travel coming forward for you within the workplace, you will be on quite the adventure and there will be new ideas coming forward. You may be moving location within business, whether this be your position or actually re-rooting of yourself for better opportunities towards another business. This could also mean that you may be indeed moving from one location to another, in order to make business easier and more accessible.

There will be quite a lot of enthusiastic energy for this year. Focus on your communication, as you may need to be quick on your feet with fast thinking. Remember that as quickly as things can come to you, they can leave equally as quick. You need to take opportunities as they come forward. Enjoy the experience, but ensure you do not place all your eggs in one basket.

You need to channel this energy to get towards the success that you are after. You must strive for that eager energy and implement it in your duties/projects. Enjoy the swift energy and motivation ahead! Go get ’em!


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