Libra – 2021 Tarotscope

Libra – The Scales


You are going to be in for quite a strong and productive year, Libra. You will find success and happiness coming through to you in a lot of aspects of your life, and this prosperity is much needed after such a troubling year previously. Your inner relationships are going to thrive this year, you will see a lot of happiness and nuturing energy coming your way.

Throughout smaller hardships that will be coming, you will have a strong and compassionate energy by your side. This could be a very positive female energy surrounding you, one that is wise and will nuture you back onto your feet. This energy is to be much appreciated, and the more that you are open to them the more warmth they will happily provide. Bring your focus back to your personal life with your family and friends. Ensure that you are nuturing your inner circle as the compassion, generosity and down-to-earth energy will truly thrive for you this year.

Be open to new ideas and creative urges, as with persistence and strength your efforts will truly soar. There are possibilities for new beginnings here, as there is a new phase coming through for you that you will be entering. There will be a brief blip in the system, one that will set you off on embarking a brand new shiny jourey. Know that this is great energy to work with moving forward, trust in it.

Love & Romance

You may be currently working through a bit of a difficult time leading into 2021, one that may still be raw and fresh. Stay on the path, there is beautiful potential ahead should you work hard for it.

This year you will be reminded who your true close loved ones are, and you will be able to see who you can draw strength from and be comfortably supported by. This recognition is much needed, as you may be coming from a place where you have felt isolated and alone for quite some time. It will be a pure and wonderful energy to be reminded about, as you will be opening your eyes to a world of love around you.

You will notice that your life has been quite well lived, you may be feeling too old for the games that people play and you are just after some wisdom and security. You will be holding onto happiness at any chance you get, as you focus more-so on family matters and prosperity ahead.

Money & Career

It will be the end of the game for you this year, Libra. You have put all the work in, and now it is time to carry it to the finishing line. You will be feeling overrun, fatigued and burdened. This will be a sense of achievement for you, as you will be seeing a lot of the finishing products being brought ahead as loose ends get tied.

Think of it as a percentage, you have worked so hard you have finally reached 99% and you are putting in the last mile to get to 100%. You are over it, and just wanting to get things over with. There is a new horizon ahead, you can see it, and you are being forced to really work on your strength of will here in order to get there.

There is a lot of heavy responsibilities and commitment here, one that you have been aware of but it is all becoming real now. This is wonderful energy as it celebrates succession, and new beginnings. Try and release the heavy amount of worry around your finances and business, as it is important to focus on your self care all the same. You can do it, Libra!


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