Pisces – 2021 Tarotscope

Pisces – The Fishes


You may be leaping before you look this year, Pisces. There may be a situation where you initially get yourself involved with something or someone, where things seem absolutely amazing, and then it doesn’t continue on that same feeling. This may provide a sense of disappointment, you may have been so excited for that initial happiness and it didn’t turn out the way you hoped that it would.

This could suggest that plans may not go as you wish for them to this year. You may have friendships turning out to be not what you wanted, and things may become quite restless for you. This is where you end up leaping before you look, Pisces, as you jump into things out of sheer initial excitement without thinking things through properly for how it will work out for you in the long run.

Love & Romance

It appears as though the period of waiting for you will be finally coming to an end. This means that what you have been waiting for will finally take action, this progression could be in your best interest or not. Regardless of the outcome, you will be happy that things have finally fallen into place rather than being up in the air.

Whilst things will be moving, you will be needing to take action. Remember in your overview, you have been urged to think prior to your actions. Do not act out of impulsiveness, or just for the sake of doing something. Think wisely, and allow the progression to take its course. Ensure you are taking initiative no matter the situation, as being passive will not allow change to come ahead.

Money & Career

You may be allowing someone to take advantage of you this year, Pisces. It looks as though you may be in for an internship, or perhaps you are allowing yourself to work in a position for the experience sake. Whilst learning on the job is good, ensure you are getting paid what you are worth.

Someone may be lining you up for a spot where you believe this is for your own benefit, but they are actually using you at their disposal. You may be working for free, when in fact you could be charging for your services.

You need to be aware that someone may be undermining your work, and making you look bad to others. This sabotage is because they feel threatened, and you may need to stand up to this person.

Be aware that your time and efforts do have value, and you need to be acknowledged for this. Know the difference between gaining experience, and allowing things to get taken too far. Bring your control back, and have confidence in what you give out to the world.


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