Sagittarius – 2021 Tarotscope

Sagittarius – The Archer


This year will be a battle with your confidence, you may find yourself full of self doubt and you will struggle with finding some balance within your mind. You are coming from a place where you have put a lot of dependence on others thoughts and feelings, and you need to reel this back and bring back some control and self discipline.

You will need to bring inner strength forward, and be motivated to bring this balance back into your life. Don’t worry so much about others, as your actions need not to interest anyone but yourself. You must be courageous here, and find the patience to bring success to you in all the ways that you are struggling this year.

Remember that you are capable of achieving your dreams, you just need to do so on your own two feet. You want to look back and see how far you made it, where you will be able to know that you endured life’s obstacles confidently and that your persistence truly paid off. You can do it!

Love & Romance

You will find yourself being resistant to change this year, Sagittarius. You may find yourself tied down in a relationship or being stuck on a person, and this will be holding you back from being a healthier and happier version of yourself.

It will be important to be honest with your attachments to old visions and experiences with people that are no longer currently healthy influences in your life. Perhaps you have been betrayed by this person, and you are holding onto the grudge whilst they are blossoming further in their own personal lives. You may feel left behind, and you need to be aware that you are holding yourself back here.

You can be as happy as they appear to you. You can have new beginnings if you choose to accept it. Listen to your intuition, and release the disruptive forces.

Money & Career

There will be new levels reached this year for you, Sagittarius! You may be going through a bit of a breakthrough, perhaps you will be breaking through barriers that have been in place in your work life, and this will be bringing through new opportunities. You may be questioning yourself here, but you will need to channel this charismatic energy through to bring new successes your way.

You will be able to be a strong leader if you wish, however you must focus on being resourceful and generous with your social aspects. If you let people into your networking bubble, you will certainly be a strong energy in the workplace.


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