Scorpio – 2021 Tarotscope

Scorpio – The Scorpion


It is the end of an era for you, Scorpio. This year will bring an end to a cycle for you, whether that is within business or relationships, it will be the end of something that you may have found yourself trying to avoid. There will be a sense of disappointment here, and you may find yourself dealing with a betrayal.

This hardship will bring forward a reminder of isolation for you, one that you have gone through before. You will feel alone as this pain will take you to a place where you want to take the hit, so that you can move forward. You will be forced to deal with your inner strength, and this will be what will pull you through.

Remember, sometimes when we reach the darkest point, we find our strongest selves. You will not let it break you, you will pull yourself up. There will be an inner knowing that the situation will pass, and you will be on the upper end.

Love & Romance

It will be a great year for you to share what you have with others, Scorpio. You will be in a position where you must act with an open heart, and if you bring forward a grateful attitude this will bring you lots of much needed prosperity.

Whether you desire someone, or they desire you, there is great energy here for good fortune coming ahead. There is a beautiful sense here that you may be in a position where you are needing good energy and positivity, and this person will truly be here for you throughout the hardships or you will be providing this for them. This energy is very generous, and kind. This sweetness will bring a lot of comfort and support throughout uncharted waters.

Money & Career

You will certainly be juggling a lot of skills with your concerns this year, Scorpio! You will find that you will be quite talented at prioritizing all sorts of projects and tasks at hand while trying to keep your head above the water.

Make sure that you focus on your mind and body while you are juggling so many different things at once. You will need to focus on your mental health more than anything, as you may find yourself getting swept away as you try to keep your head above the water. You may be neglecting your wellbeing due to the sheer stress and pressures put upon you.

There is only so much that you can juggle at once before you drop the ball, and you don’t want the wrong person to be watching when that does happen. Make sure you are focusing properly this year, Scorpio, and not taking on more than you can handle.

Whilst this flexibility and adaptability is admirable, you won’t be without challanges. You must focus on your financial and time management here, as that will be crucial to getting ahead.


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