Virgo – 2021 Tarotscope

Virgo – The Virgin


Your mind is going to be your biggest battle this year, Virgo. You may feel as though you are stuck, and have no way forward. Internally, deep down, you will know that the restraint put upon yourself has been self created and it can easily be escaped from. You will find yourself denying the way forward, as you refuse to see the way out. There is an ending to a situation here, and it may be one that you have been trying to avoid.

Know that there is always a way through things that may seem hard. Whenever you see fit, you can always change your path. You need to put the effort in to see the change that you wish to see. This cycle is not ‘never ending’, you can always put the brakes on and take action. Your mind is more powerful than you like to give it credit for.

Focus on what you can do here, and stop yourself when you find yourself mulling over what you are not able to do. This negative thinking is causing isolation, and this suffering is able to be prevented. Focus on your inner strength. Remember that people often pull through for you in the end, and you must hold onto the fact that there are those around you who want to help you.

Be responsible for the life that you are living, and know that you may be making matters worse by not letting yourself see the truth in all situations, no matter how uncomfortable that they may seem. The rock bottom is often the place where you find your strongest capabilities, the hard times will pass, allow others in and get through it together. You will not break.

Love & Romance

You may be getting the outcome that you have been wishing for this year, Virgo. It looks as though you will be receiving a sense of fulfillment, and there appears to be a great happiness here. With this outcome, you must be careful to not appear overly smug. You must be grateful with this reward that comes forward, and be careful to not gloat as this situation may come with some strings attached. Think of this as though you may meet the right person, at a difficult time.

There is great energy for new beginnings, and planting new seeds of ideas and desires. If you are considering taking your relationship to the next level, this year shows a lot of potential and prosperity. There will be good fortune for you Virgo, but you must be careful of shadiness or being up to no good. There will be a lot of truthful energy, this may bring some harshness of baggage, but it will be fantastic for seeing what cards are on the table and if you are willing to step into the opportunity and start something from the ground up.

With the emotional and complicated air, it will be something where the crinkles may need to be ironed out, but overall there is great energy for fulfillment if you wish to proceed with the new opportunity. There will be a lot of happiness here, regardless of the setbacks.

Money & Career

This year you need to be careful with your finances, Virgo. There is a fearful energy surrounding your finances, you are fearful of your position in life. You do not want to be living worse off, perhaps you have been through poverty or close to it before and you are living without grounding currently. You may be terrified of replicating your past, and fearful of spending a cent. You may be overly cautious with your finances, so much so that you are preventing your growth moving forward. Or, you are overcompensating by combating your fear with over-spending.

Regardless of the situation, you must be more mindful with your spending habits. You need to get a better hold of yourself this year, Virgo, and you must be honest with yourself. Assess your situation, and be real with what you have, what you need, and what you want. Remove your fears from the situation, and this greedy energy must be stopped. Take a look at the wider picture here, and see that you have a healthy life around you. Look at maintaining that balance.


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