Pick A Deck – Past, Present, Future

Hi everyone,

I thought that this might be something fun to post up here for you all! So, let’s get started. Look at the below picture, and select a deck that you are feeling drawn to. Take some time to really look at the deck, take in the detailing, the shadows, and think about what deck is calling out to you the most.

Deck A) is the top left of the arrow, then it will drop to the middle which is Deck B), and then lastly Deck C) on the bottom right.

Deck A), Deck B), Deck C)

The deck will guide you through the following:

Past – What the past scenario was, or perhaps the feelings/thoughts associated with the situation.

Present – Explaining the current situation, or ways that you can come to a resolution with what is revolving around you. This could be guiding you to the lesson you are to experience, or provide clarity for how the past led you to your current stance.

Future – This is where the current situation is heading, the past and present cards can often give you clairty and guidance which will then help you understand how you can shift the course. This is something to take into consideration, however do know that you have full ability to take control. The greatest thing about life is freedom of choice, will, and intention. This can aid you to change your direction, and bring a positive turn to tricky situations.

DECK A) The Linestrider Tarot

PAST – The Lovers

The Lovers aren’t necessarily just strictly relating to, well, partnerships, friendships and commitments. It relates to such a decisive time, a time where there is weight to decisions that you are to make in your life. This ties importantly to sticking to certain choices, and picking the path that you truly wish to lead.

You came from a place of strong foundations, and this has been a huge motivator for you in the things that you do. There may have been some weighted decisions made in the past, that had been created with the idea of bringing harmony forward and finding balance. You prioritised and embraced passion, confidence and strength so that you could create an environment for you to become a stronger individual, partner and/or friend to those around you.

PRESENT – The Hermit (Reversed)

Things have stirred a bit, and you may be taking isolation to a harder level. This may mean that you are disconnecting and neglecting those bonds that once brought you forward and provided you with motivation and strength. Without this connection, you are struggling to push yourself forward.

It may be time to turn back towards those around you that you may be neglecting, and find ways to reconnect. It may feel tricky especially given the tension from the pandemic, but it would be worth finding alternative ways to make situations fun and bright again. Respark those connections, and bring forward the healing and growth together that you may be craving.

It is a great time to pull your strengths together and search inwards. You may find that you rely a lot on the communication of others to bring yourself happiness, and it is time to find ways to pull your own weight for yourself. Perhaps this is the wake up call that you needed to see how heavily you rely on others, and you need to spend some time self reflecting on ways to be the light for yourself that others bring you.

FUTURE – The Magician

This is a beautiful card full of transformation, focus and drive. You will find that things will seem to make sense moving forward, and you will be in a great position for accomplishing what you set for yourself. If you can work on pulling yourself out of your dependency on others, you will feel empowered and see how much potential you truly hold should you concentrate and work on your communication.

There is a side to this where you may also be a bit manipulative, and you may be tempted to take full control over some situations. Be careful to not tap into this edge, as you may sense things working a little too much in your favour to a slight degree. Do not abuse your intellect, and take your time. Know that there is much to learn in this world, and things will take some time to figure out.

You have a great mind, full of power. Know that beginnings await you, should you set your mind to something and pull your weight. If you can pull yourself out of your cave, you will find endless abundance of ideas and goals that you can strive for. You are capable of succeeding in what you set your mind to.

DECK B) Tarot De La Nuit

PAST – 10 Of Cups

Your close loved ones have proven that they will be there for you, no matter the time or day. Your feelings around your present situation is that you feel happiness and contentment when you are around your home life or personal circle. You may be struggling to remind yourself of this, as things may be feeling harsh and stormy, so you are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be feeling that your personal circle is being shifted, and the things that once brought you happiness is being distorted. You were following your heart, not your mind, and your intuition was clear when being positioned with a variety of potential options and paths to follow.

There is an energy of burden impacting your present, which may be associating with your past, where you may be feeling that the darkness will not lift any time soon. The major changes happening in your life are uplifting a lot of the happiness and joy that you experience, perhaps it is impacting your inner circle where you felt that it was once a bit of a sanctuary.

Your past may be looking sparkly and tempting, as you may be comparing your present to your past. The grass always looks greener on the other side, and you may be keeping your past looking pretty damn good compared to your present. Remember, you can’t go back, the only way is onwards and upwards.

PRESENT – The Tower (Reversed)

You are refusing to allow change in your life, this change is needed. It can be harsh, but it is necessary. In many ways, I like to think of The Tower as liberating. It can be painful to experience, as you have little control over the situation, but once the storm passes you often will see how necessary the shift was.

Growth is important, there is nothing scarier than being stagnant. Although, in saying this, you can never truly be stagnant, but you can choose to blind yourself to the changes that develop in your life. This is often when sacrificial learning is presented, as you refuse to learn from past mistakes, and you must learn. Do not turn away from necessary upheaval, as this is crucial for moving ahead.

With all situations in life, this disruption is temporary. Everything in life is. Focus on finding acceptance and remember to give things time. You may experience drastic life changes, or even just be experiencing inner turmoil. No matter how the change comes through to you, it will be for a greater purpose, and you will find new understanding.

FUTURE – Angel De La Nuit (Not Reversible)

This is a ‘bonus’ card in the Tarot De La Nuit deck. The meaning to this card is truly beautiful, and it is essentially that the inner night is soon coming to an end. This relates beautifully to The Tower (reversed), as this is letting you know to hold strong and that your troubling time will be ending soon.

Believe in the growth that will be coming through to you, and know that you are guided by the Divine. Don’t hold fear in the darkness, find and love yourself there. Grow from your struggles, and believe that you will be stronger and greater on the other end. Search inwards for that fire that is craving time to burn, and get ready to put it to work. Your time to spread your wings is coming, and it is time to get yourself prepared.

DECK C) The Tarot Of Vampyres

PAST – 4 Of Knives

You are coming from a place where you craved isolation, some time just for yourself. Balance was needed, and you were exhausted. There is certainly the urge for some self care, time to plan to create stable foundations, and all in all you just needed to be left alone.

Whilst you were aware that the situations around you were not resolved, perhaps a lot of conflict around projects and connections with others, but you needed some space to allow the dust to fall before you picked back up.

Things were messy and disorganised, and there was a desire to just take a moment to think about what it was that you wanted from the situation as things had gotten astray and the true value to the connection or project had become lost underneath the surface.

PRESENT – The Hierophant

You are currently trying to bring back a lot of older traditions, perhaps embracing a lot of your beliefs or thinking of taking a step back to allow someone else to take the brunt of the weight in regards to a project or organisation. You may be wanting to get back to your roots, rather than that dominating, conflicting stance that you were in back in the past. In saying this, you may be ultimately aiming for this position where you can teach others what you know, but it requires you to hit the books first before you are fit for the spot.

As things were running hectic for you, and there was a lot of disorganised tension, you are now focusing on taking a step back and revisiting a lot of your study and fitting back into the community. This relates closely to organisations related to education, and work. You may be heavily focused in your role right now or studies. Perhaps you are fixed this on higher learning, or desiring a pursuit of knowledge.

FUTURE – Prince Of Knives (Reversed)

As you are going through a bit of a transformation in regards to furthering your learning and desire for knowledge, you will need to bring this confidence forward. You may need to enforce your strong presence, and perhaps speak up when you feel the urge to. There is domineering energy around, one that can often be a bit irregular and lack of thought may be brought to the table.

Whilst it is great to use your strong intellect and to stand by your ethics, ensure you are bringing adequate planning to the table and balancing your decisions. This new found motivation/drive may also come in hand with lack of patience or kindness. It will be important that whilst you are strong and voicing concerns, to also have compassion and be considerate of those around you. Ensure you are focusing on others emotions, whilst also using your intellect at the same time. It may be a bit of juggling, but it will be important to factor that moving forward.

That wraps up the ‘Pick A Deck’ for today. I hope you all liked it, please ensure you subscribe to this website to ensure you receive e-mail notifications of new posts when they are posted. I hope you all have a wonderful day! I am active over on my Twitter and Instagram, come follow me over there as well.

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