Aquarius – January Tarotscope 2021

Aquarius – The Water Bearer


Great energy for new beginnings this month for you, Aquarius. You will be full of creativity and craving new adventures. You need to be mindful of carrying too much energy that may bring you into a restless state, where you find it difficult to pin point where you choose to begin or where you choose to end.

This drive will need to be balanced, and this will require you to hold a lot of patience and strength. You may be wanting to get stuck into things, using a lot of youthful connection and motivation, but you need to ensure that you are on the lookout with all aspects of your life. All the gears need to be in motion, not just specific areas.

With this energy comes two options, a great deal of change, or a brief one. This means you may notice small adjustments, or there will be a large overhaul coming ahead that will set you down an entire new journey. Know that with this shift, there will be a warning prior. You will be in control, and it will be important for you to know that there are many ways to bring positivity forward to these opportunities. Try not to be too forceful, things will work out in the long run.

Love & Romance

There is certainly missing balance here in regards to your personal life, Aquarius. This month you may be faced with issues rising in regards to deception and lack of respect. It will be important for you to focus on open communication and work on building up trust where the cracks are starting to show.

Perhaps you have left issues unresolved from the recent weeks, this may be due to wishing to sweep things under the rug and deal with them at a later time. You may not have had concrete evidence in regards to suspicions, so you are waiting the situation out. This is not the best way to cope with situations, as this will be leaving water under the bridge that will continue to slowly rise.

You need to take caution here, and really focus on your communication. Be the open book you wish to read from others, and allow yourself the time to put heavy thought into the coming weeks.

Money & Career

It is not a wise time to invest into projects that have just recently been brought up, or money factors where you are putting the benefit of the doubt into purchases or ideas. Certainly don’t act with overconfidence in situations, as this would be the worst direction to go.

It is important to focus on saving and putting things aside, invest in the long run, and don’t focus on quick easy ways to make money. This won’t be the best avenue for you right now. Hold tight, and keep your mind focused on stable and secure opportunities. It is not the right time for new financial opportunities.


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