Aries – January Tarotscope 2021

Aries – The Ram


Aries, you will be going through a period of transition this month. January is going to be a great month for clearing away the old clutter, and making room for things that can provide you further growth.

It is important this month that you focus on bringing change into your space, and welcome new opportunities where possible. You may feel unsure and try to resist this change, however you are being urged to remain open minded and bring liberation to the shore.

Take a look at what surrounds you. What lies there? Do you have negative attachments? It’s time to release, and let go. This period of transformation will bring forward renewal, and bring much needed endings to situations.

Love & Romance

Focus on the long term potential within your inner circle, Aries. Perhaps you are lacking the motivation or drive that is required to push ahead in a relationship, the other party may be complaining that you aren’t giving them enough attention, or not providing for them in ways that they need. It’s time to put the required work in.

You may be blocked by external situations. For example, work is busier than average, and you are more tired that usual. You may not be feeling all that in the mood for tending to anothers needs. Perhaps you are just feeling overwhelmed internally, and you are reserving your energy, this may be appearing aloof and uninterested.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to start from scratch and re-write your story. You may not have been your best self in the past, but you can move forward proving otherwise. A new day, is just that. It’s a new day. Start from the bottom, and work your way up to the top. Lay those seeds, and be patient. Wait for the growth, but ensure you tend to it. Don’t neglect your new efforts, maintain them.

Money & Career

Your mind is going to be your fight for this month, Aries. Focus on your intellect, and be ruthless in regards to getting to the bottom of things. Don’t play the games that may be around you, you may be feeling anxious and negative but know that your fears are not your reality.

There may be a cut down coming ahead with staff, a financial cost that you did not budget for, or changes coming ahead that you do not know if they will involve you or not. You may be hearing whispers of things coming ahead, things that will not be confirmed, or they may be confirmed but with no specific timeframe. Regardless, you will be feeling as though your questions will be left unanswered. Worrying will not bring a resolution any earlier, you will need to find a way to live your life while things feel uncertain and unguaranteed.

There is a lot of self-torment coming through for this month. You may be struggling with sleep, as your mind is running through probabilities and stress. Remember that regardless of the situation, you are strong, and you will surprise yourself. Embrace your strengths, and work on your communication if you feel overly stressed. At the end of the day, life goes on, and you will need to get the job done.


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