Cancer – January Tarotscope 2021

Cancer – The Crab


You may be feeling like a phone call that has been put on hold prior to this month, Cancer. You are feeling as though you are putting all of your chips in with no reward. It may feel like you are continually at a loss, whether this is due to external circumstances or just even inner battles with yourself.

There may be goals and visions that you are holding onto with both hands, that you feel as though you are having to put down all the time. Not out of want, but out of other duties or tasks taking priority.

For January, know that this will be passing. This was the calm before the storm, so to speak. There is much to come ahead, and you will be feeling that fog slowly lifting. Things may be getting clear, but they will still be foggy for the time being. Take this time as a way to recharge your batteries, so that you are good to go when the time is right.

Love & Romance

New energy is making its way into your inner circle, Cancer. You may see lots of signs and synchronicity through the energy this month. Pay attention to your intuition, and to your dreams. You may be having more vivid dreams this month, as messages will be coming through to you.

If you have a gut feeling, pay attention to it. Go with the feeling and the flow of energy that will be guiding you. There may be new connections sparked within existing relationships, or new relationships will be sparking up a storm.

Overall, this is positive energy for you. Coming from previous tension and mind games, this will be very much so welcomed. As new opportunities arise, take the chance and enjoy.

There will be emotional news coming ahead, but this emotional news will be good news. I would not be surprised if this is in the sense of an engagement or pregnancy announcement. You will find that gentle change will be coming forward with connections.

Money & Career

There is an imbalance here. Perhaps you are giving too much of yourself away, or someone else is happy watching everyone else carry the weight while they are comfortable. Ensure that there is equal load carried here, or the foundations will be broken down faster than they were built.

A selfish attitude is not going to help you progress this month, Cancer. Perhaps you are so focused on what you want or what you can do, that you aren’t paying attention to what the people around you are asking for. Perhaps this closed minded view is what is causing you your set back, and it may be time for you to look at the broader perspective. Weigh up your options.

Overall, it is most important that you are not giving away so much of your emotional and material needs for others. They may be taking away more than they are giving back. You need to ensure that you are protecting yourself.


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