Capricorn – January Tarotscope 2021

Capricorn – The Goat


You will need to make a decision this month, one that will require true and fair thought put behind it. You may find yourself able to see through something that is not what it appears, perhaps things will be becoming clearer to you and you will be able to bring well-order to the table.

A logical approach to situations and circumstances will be your best choice of action, Capricorn. You may find that balance will be coming through, this could bring positive and negative energy ahead but know that there is reasoning behind this. Things will need to be taking their true nature.

Love & Romance

There is great potential here for a connection with someone that will be able to make you feel nostalgic. Whether in the sense that the connection is so raw and full of passion, it reminds you of a first love. Or, potentially they are from your past and you are rekindling passion that once was. This familiar feeling will be around, one that may take you back to an old place and time, or a memory from your past will resurface and bring forward happy pieces of yourself that will be reconnecting the dots.

This romantic interest will bring forward a childlike joy, one that may make you feel giddy and silly. You must be mindful of biting off more than you can chew, as with this energy can often bring forward immaturity and reckless decisions.

Know that this doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to romantic interests. This can be in the sense of an old friend coming back into your life, or perhaps a visit from family members that may remind you of older times. The main energy here is that the past will be uplifted and brought forward towards the present, and the happiness that it brings will be most welcome.

Money & Career

It is important to be kind, but never pushed too far. Ensure you are connecting within yourself, and tending to new thoughts and ideas. It is important to never settle when it comes to business adventures. You may be settling for what you think you should be doing, rather than reaching for where you want to be.

You must be aiming for fulfillment. At the end of the day, you want to be happy in what you do and passionate about it. It is important to be expressing your creativity, and seeing the abundance that lies around you. Focus on communication, such as networking, as this month there will be great interest around your thoughts and ideas. The energy is looking great for new endeavours, share them with those around you.

Remember, playful, but with a bite. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted in the work place. It is not a time to be allowing yourself to be small, it’s time to network, connect with those around you and share your wonderful ideas with others. You are capable of being more than you are allowing yourself to be. Think big!


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