Gemini – January Tarotscope 2021

Gemini – The Twins


If you have been holding out for something this month, Gemini, it looks as though luck may just be on your side for January. You may be receiving things that you have been desiring, which will provide you with great fulfilment. This fulfilment will be much needed, and you will be feeling as though all your stars aligned at once. Embrace this new opportunity with open arms, regardless of your fears.

Be mindful of being a bit smug with your achievements, as it is important to remain grateful where possible. With luck being on your side, it is important to be grateful for what comes through to you as this may be at the expense of another. Think of this in the sense where perhaps you applied for a job, and you receive the job however there were others that you were up against who were not so lucky. Be grateful for your blessings, and remind yourself to give back that good energy into the universe.

Love & Romance

There may be a shake up coming ahead in January that catches you off guard. Perhaps someone has changed their mind on where you both stand together, and this will be providing you with a bit of confusion with the path ahead. You may be wanting to step forward, but the path is unclear and you are unsure what the other person wants.

This standstill is a perfect time to consider your options, and to think about yourself for a moment. Think about what it is that you want to here, what you need in a relationship, and consider what they have to offer you. This path may not be leading you to where you are wanting it to. It is a great time to think about what kind of changes are required here, and if perhaps you can get things to be on your terms, not waiting on the next move of the other party. Take your time, but don’t delay your choice once it is made.

Money & Career

This month will be bringing you great energy for the beginning of new adventures and projects. You may be getting the job that you were after, or perhaps you have been given a great beginning to a new business journey that you have embarked.

Pay attention to your intuition this month, as you will be having great strengths here. This energy coming forward is good news, and it may tie into your emotions a bit. Perhaps you have been really wanting this opportunity, or you were losing hope and it catches you off guard as the opportunity comes forward against all odds. There may have been no better time for this to arise!

Let your intuition be your guide for January, and set sail on these new ventures if all feels right. Enjoy, Gemini!


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