Leo – January Tarotscope 2021

Leo – The Lion


You are off on new aventures for this month, Leo! You may quite literally be doing so, or just even feeling mentally ready for taking risks and being open to new experiences. January will be bringing forward spontaneity, and impulsive decision making.

Be careful of not leading yourself down a path that will be bringing you regret later on. You may be following your heart, and not your mind. Whilst you are holding innocence and being blind to recklessness, it is important to not be irresponsible. Remember that you can live joyfully when you make appropriate decisions, and consider the full weight of your choices. Using your intelligence isn’t boring! You can have fun while being responsible.

Overall, it is important to find balance. It is great to see that you are putting your burdens and anxieties behind you moving forward, however you must remember that being carefree does have risks. In saying this, enjoy the playful energy ahead, but be careful!

Love & Romance

There is so much potential for you this month, Leo. Pull forward your emotional state, and enjoy the new awakening that is coming through whether it is emotionally or spiritually.

It is a great energy for new love, or taking current love through to unknown levels. There is greatness for bonding here, as it looks as though you will be creating a beautiful connection in a much more meaningful way. You will be feeling lots of fulfillment in the means of your emotional desires.

This may be the start of a new connection, platonic or not, and this opportunity will be welcoming a lot of newly found increased energy and learning. You may have previously put a lot of hard work into finding such a connection, and there will be a sense of relief as it comes ahead. You will be finding the ability to connect with others much more creative and flowing a lot more natural and comfortable.

Money & Career

A bit of a set back, or a delay in projects or new ideas that have been in the works will be at play here. You may have been hoping for things to advance, or go as they were expected to, and unfortunately you may be feeling a sense of disappointment here. There may have been a few expectations for this month in the works, and these expectations will not be met.

It will be a great month for using communication to set plans and schedules in motion. You may need to navigate a way to utilise your time a bit better, as resources are spread a bit thin. There are too many plates spinning at once, and there may not be much that you can do to resolve this. It will be a waiting game, but this period will pass. Focus on one thing at a time if you can!


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