Libra – January Tarotscope 2021

Libra – The Scales


What a great month for you in regards to building wonderful friendships and partnerships, Libra! There is a lot of genuine emotion around you for January, and you will be seeing the reflection of what a mutual understanding can provide to your life.

The energy around you will be building up your harmony, and it will help you in regards to inspiration and creativity. This fulfillment that you will be feeling will be encouraging you in all aspects of your life. This will be coming ahead with new opportunities, and perhaps rebuilding broken connections with others as reconciliation finds its way through.

Love & Romance

There is a lot of loyalty and responsibility within your inner circle this month, Libra. You will be gunning ahead for long-term plans, and this slow progression will be greatly rewarded. Slow and steady will win the race, and you are being urged to maintain the patience.

It is not the best time for rashness or impulsiveness, so be mindful of those around you that are throwing ideas and situations up in the air without careful consideration. There will be dependable people around you, and this strength of character will be greatly important for bringing experience and serious energy to what may be childish behaviour and attitudes.

Money & Career

You may be in the early stages of a new project, and this is a great time to lay down the foundation for you to build up from. Take your time with new adventures this month, and be mindful of using your voice when things need adjustments or changes. You will need to speak up this month, as people may be quick to cast you aside.

Make sure you are encouraging your own independence, as you do not need to be continually monitored throughout projects/investments. You will be able to do this on your own, and you need to ensure that others are able to see this as so.

If you are considering a change in career or furthering your education, take those necessary steps. Branch out, and focus on spreading your wings for this month.


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