Pisces – January Tarotscope 2021

Pisces – The Fishes


This will be a wonderfully productive month for you, Pisces. You will notice yourself feeling drawn to wanting to create a better home life for yourself, as you will be feeling greatly successful in where you have placed your mind. You will be wanting to surround yourself with beauty that reflects such success.

There will be nuturing and comforting energy oozing from you towards those that you hold close to you. You may have found yourself guided by compassionate energy as you have opened yourself up to new people, and in return you were gifted with down to earth connections.

It’s important to maintain this focus on your home life, as right now it will be greatly important to support your inner circle as well as yourself. You have spent a large amount of time and energy focusing on the outer world, it’s time to shift inwards.

Love & Romance

You’ve gotten yourself into a position where you are relying heavily on the opinions of those around you. Whilst this is something new for you, it may have taken an unhealthy turn with someone in particular. You may have found yourself recently walking on egg shells around certain relationships, and prevented the protection of yourself in positions where you are only getting hurt. Your self confidence and intuition have taken quite the hit as of late.

This month, Pisces, ensure you take action in ways of getting your self control back. You may need to focus on removing yourself from relationships and connections where they have dominating control over you. You are full of self doubt and pain because you have let go of your ability to judge situations and environments with a clear mind.

Money & Career

If you are contemplating making a decision on a new job opportunity, taking up a new study, removing yourself from that job/study that isn’t working for you, or perhaps wondering if it’s time to take a vacation – now is your time. January will be fantastic for you to make that much needed change. Whether it’s starting something new, or releasing yourself from something that is only burdening you, it’s time to take action. This will be giving you a sense of hope that you have been yearning for.

Take the change, start that shift in progress. It’s time to stop brainstorming. Remember, sometimes things reach a point where you need to just do rather than think.


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