Sagittarius – January Tarotscope 2021

Sagittarius – The Archer


You will be reaching a new level in regards to your personal growth. You may have recently been going through a bit of a challenge in regards to your personal life, this could be in relation to close connections where strings have been cut and you were diving into the deep end trying to find yourself once again.

With the darkness, came light. You found a lot of comfort in your surrounding energy, where things down on paper were tough but you felt liberated internally. This would have been conflicting for those around you, who saw you shining when they thought you would have been struggling. This brought a lot of mystery, and you showed those around you your true strengths.

You are a strong individual, and powerful. You will be keeping busy this month, full of activity and determination. This new level that will be reached with your personal development will be one that you will carry forward with you. Know that this strength can bring darkness, so you need to ensure that you focus on pointing towards the light.

Love & Romance

You are coming towards the end of a cycle this month, Sagittarius. Whether you have been trying to stay away from this, or leaning towards it, it is an ending that was needed to be had. This isn’t necessarily just romantically, it could be in regards to friendships as well.

There may be the situation where you have been holding onto past betrayal and grief, not allowing yourself to close the book and put it away on the shelf. With these hardships, lessons were learned. These are lessons that we carry with us into the future. We tend to guide others by our life lessons and learnings, it may be beneficial to look at this and see how you can aid others with past mistakes you have come across along the way. This is a fantastic way of finding meaning for ourselves on why we went through things that we had, because we feel as though we can help others avoid the pain that was once felt.

Ask yourself some questions. Has the situation led an impact on how you choose to make decisions now? Are you holding back from opportunities due to the past? Take a look at how you can see this experience in a new light, and let the flower blossom.

Money & Career

Know that you have the skills to make things work, should you choose to give yourself the chance. You are clever and diligent, this hard work that you can provide will really benefit you this month.

You are being encouraged to move forward with your goals, and strive to complete the task that you set into play.

You may feel as though you are lacking recognition, you must recognise how important you are to the team. You are essential for getting things done, as many would not be able to do what you can do.

You will be relied upon heavily this month, and your skills and capabilities will truly thrive if you focus appropriately. Get started on the beginning works to future projects!


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