Scorpio – January Tarotscope 2021

Scorpio – The Scorpion


You may be in the works of building up your business, family, or studies this month and you will be putting the hard work in on the beginning stages of this. There is excellent potential here for you, and your hard work will certainly pay off if you focus on the long term goal rather than demanding results quick and fast. You will be best off doing things the old fashioned way.

This month there will certainly be moments of frustrations, and you will be feeling as though all your time and effort will not be paying off. This is not the case, when you feel like this, keep working hard. Be patient.

Love & Romance

You must put your pride aside, and cooperate when it comes to being on the receiving end of assistance. You may be in the position where you are blessed enough to provide assistance to others, do not hesitate to do so.

Someone may be in need of your help this month, and they will greatly benefit of your time and energy should you be willing enough to provide it. You must have an open mind and an open heart, Scorpio.

January will be focusing a lot on you stepping up and being involved, and generous. This energy is all depending on your situation. Are you in need, or are others in need of you? Where do you choose to stand?

Do not have a defeatist attitude, or be selfish. It is great energy for being grateful for those around you, and being in a wonderful position where you can help others or allow them to do so for you.

Money & Career

This energy ties greatly into your overview, Scorpio. It looks as though you are having a blockage in the way of you being able to visualise the end stages of your goals and dreams. You may be feeling unmotivated, and you are unable to plan sufficiently or give the support that is needed for your projects.

Remember that you cannot have the reward that you are after, if you do not start from the beginning. Work from the bottom and make your way up, take it day by day and allow the time and energy for these dreams as they are as real as you let them be. Allow the room for the potential of what you wish to accomplish.


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