Taurus – January Tarotscope 2021

Taurus – The Bull


It will be an interesting month for you, Taurus. It will be important for you to focus on having an understanding, calm and collected approach to certain situations. There may be a bit of a power struggle at play, as someone may be trying to be ‘bettering’ you, or you will be over-reliant on a certain someone who may be abusing this circumstance. Remember to not give in to this situation, or be reactive in a negative way. Reckless and thoughtless responses will not be in your favour, regardless of how much you feel that it is required.

Throughout this month it is important to bring harmony into your relationships and to ensure your growth is not stunted due to this unbalanced nature. Keep your routine going, carry on as normal, and keep your wits about you. Don’t fall into someone elses trap that they have placed, as they may be trying to throw you off guard in an attempt to make you look a fool, or to dominate not only you but those around you.

Focus on bringing this situation into the light. Maturity and understanding will be required throughout January. You may have your buttons pressed in not the best of situations, but you will be able to overcome this and create a beneficial situation for all.

Love & Romance

Difficult situations will pass this month for you, Taurus. You are going through a period of change here, one that may bring forward memories of the past. You may be revisiting old locations that bring back nostalgia, or perhaps family and friends will be coming through to you and it will bring back a sense of reflection and childhood-like memories.

This is a time of celebration, good feelings and happiness. The nostalgic memories may be bittersweet, dependant on how your current stance is within your inner circle. There may be an uplift when it comes to painful memories that will be transitioning into harmonic reconnection. This deep emotion will be coming from a passing of a hardship.

There will be joyful and youthful emotions surrounding you, this is a love that may be a reconnection from the past as well. This will be strong, it does not necessarily have to be romantic, this can be in a family/friendship sense. The main key here is to be careful of giving too much in too short of time. This feeling may be where you want to have fun and give all that you have, but you need to set this aside and come back to reality. Be careful with innocence and naivety.

Money & Career

There is going to be broken trust and respect here in an important connection. This may be with someone in the workplace, or even someone who mainly provides/sees to finances. This may be the case where this someone has blown all your savings without communicating to you first, or potentially gone for a job without communicating or even done something bad within the workplace, bad dealings, something may be done here to break your trust or their trust with others. This can also be trauma that has carried from the past.

If communication is not taken, or trust/respect being built back up, this will be irreversible. It’s time to take action to get the air cleared, and to focus on rebuilding and reconnecting. This needs to be done properly. Take your time, and be patient. There needs to be a deep want to focus on a resolution, or there will be no progression here. Along with the overview above, maturity and understanding will need to be brought ahead. Don’t make snap decisions. Be on your guard.


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