Virgo – January Tarotscope 2021

Virgo – The Virgin


You may be feeling a bit disconnected from your inner self this month, Virgo. There may be too much of a focus on external opinions, you may be finding yourself relying too much on the praise of others and what others are saying that you are neglecting your inner voice and feelings.

This may be out of approval of someone in particular. There may be hidden agendas or schemes that others are playing with you, they may be saying one thing but acting another. This will be leading you to a lot of confusion and discomfort. You may be feeling as though you are walking on eggshells. Perhaps you are trying to please this person, or others, so much so that you are constantly in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, as they walk further and further away from you.

The answers you are seeking are in within you. Your intuition is your guide, and you must listen to your subconscious. Don’t ignore yourself any longer.

Love & Romance

This ties into your overview, it appears as though you may be having a very much so inner circle focused month. There is a lot of disharmony here, and you are conflicting with your inner self.

There will be difficult decisions to make this month for you, Virgo. It appears as though there is a lot of dishonesty, and you will be not having a mutual feeling here. Someone may not be returning the respect and loyalty that you have been providing them, as they are pulling the wool over your eyes.

Choices that you have made have not taken you down the best path. Perhaps you have forgiven this person far too many times before, and they are repeating similar behaviour that has caused issues previously. You may have not been listening to those around you, and have been going against your best judgement here.

Regardless of the situation, you will be shown the imbalance within January and you will have some tough decisions that will need to be made. How much more will you be able to tolerate, before you snap? You must observe what you are allowing to happen within your sacred space, and you must cut to the truth. Remove feelings of guilt from the equation, and clear the way.

Money & Career

There may be some financial loss this month for you, Virgo. The long term potential is not there, and you may be struggling with the sense of insecurity as things prove that they are not as secure as you were hoping.

It will be important to be careful with bigger financial decisions this month. Perhaps be mindful that there may be some losses appearing, and it will be best to be prepared. This may not necessarily be you directly, but perhaps someone in your family may not be receiving the best of news in regards to finances or career choices. Be aware, and be careful with your finances over January.


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