Angels & Energy

Angels themselves are bodies of light energy. They use this energy to connect through to the Earth, through Stellar frequencies. They are connected to specific areas where higher levels of frequencies exist, which means they could possibly be found in many dimensions through the universe. Angels are genderless, they do not have a physical form. Angels are light energy, and they connect to us through this way. They often can choose the best way to be visible to you, depending on the circumstance, they may often choose to embody an animal or human form. They often can choose to visit you in dreams, these are Dream Angels. You will notice messages and signs, as this can often be the best way Angels snag your attention. At times you may just feel the overwhelming sense of presence and comfort when Angel energy is with you.

Our planet has it’s own energy grid, and ley lines are something that most of us are quite aware of. Angels connect through this energetic connection, in many ways but most often through elements and crystals. Earth Angels have a specific soul connection through to the Angelic realm, they often have a Stellar Gateway Chakra which is something that most of us do not hold, only incarnated Earth Angels. This soul connection channels Stellar and Earth energy.

Our own energy connects to the Earth’s energy grid. This energy grid is connected to the Stellar grid. You may know that sea creatures use similar energy when navigating around the world. It’s this light energy that runs through the world, not just through the land but the sea as well. Our sea is unbelivably powerful, and many things contribute to the power behind it. Dolphins see our spectrum, but they also can see infrared light and ultraviolet light. We give off infrared wavelengths, and yet we cannot see it.

It’s important to factor in the Electromagnetic Spectrum, this is all forms of different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This means light, radiowaves and x-rays. Our eyes are sensitive to visible ultraviolet light, which has shorter wavelengths than radiowaves. Think about how in the universe there are interstellar clouds, supernova explosions, all sorts of things. The sun emits radiation mostly in the visible range of what our eyes can see as the colour of the rainbow, and yet this is only a small portion of what we are sensitive to. There is much, much that we cannot see or feel in our physical forms.

Featured Image: Artist unknown, if known, please let me know so I can list them.

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