To Those Struggling

Good evening everyone and Merry Christmas,

It only felt right to write this tonight. I am sitting down after a day of at home festivites with my immediate family (husband and daughter). It was our daughters first Christmas, and we kept Christmas just between us. No extended family, as it was not safe, given that we are still going through a global pandemic.

My mind has been filled with thoughts of those struggling. My mind is always filled with these thoughts, this entire year it has been. What a year. Right? This year we have seen the best and the worst in many ways. Whether it is personal or public knowledge, many of those who you may know have been going through something. This year we experienced something that, if I do say so myself, was entirely unexpected. This was something that I did not think would happen in my lifetime, personally.

Many have lost loved ones. Whether it was their close family members, friends and/or fur babies. The experience of losing someone you hold dear is like no other, and to experience such a thing during a pandemic is horrific. There are many who have not been able to say their farewells properly, visit funerals, or even give a hug personally to those close to you due to restrictions.

Many have gone through loss of life through pregnancies, or loss of experience through their pregnancies. Many haven’t received the medical attention (like post maternal care) that they need, or are able to have the support from their loved ones with them as they go through trying times. My heart absolutely breaks for the new mothers who are unable to get the proper maternal health care that they need, or even allow to have their husbands with them through the birth of their child, as well as the after care of the experience too. My heart breaks at the thought of those beautiful families struggling, and not being able to be together with restrictions. The mental health impact that this will have is significant, and I just can’t imagine how awful it must be.

My heart breaks at those who have lost loved ones, or who are struggling with medical needs that must be met and they are suffering isolated. This can be due to all sorts of health conditions, and I worry about the long term impact it must have on those impacted.

Many are overworked, such as in the medical industry, risking their lives for others. They are working around the clock for us, all of us, and risking their own lives. They are courageous, brave, and admirable. They are missing out on their families experiences by isolating themselves due to their work, and they are spending most of their days putting us first. I have so much gratitude for the medical field for going through a pandemic, which is the first time experiencing such a thing for many. They are getting more familiar with the daily process, and how to triage and understand the best ways to treat patients. I am so proud of the front line workers who are doing this for all of us.

Many have lost their jobs this year. All source of income, gone. This impacts multiple areas of their lives. Falling behind on their payments, and dealing with the loss of their entire lives. Their daily normal is entirely gone. The dreams of family run businesses, that they may have finally reached or only just began settling into the idea of – no more. Debts piling up, homes lossed, stress certainly overloaded, going in hand with the loss of loved ones. It’s been an awful time for many.

Of course there are the restrictions where you are unable to visit loved ones as well, understandably over this festive period a lot will be feeling it harder than usual. Many families have traditions, or friends as well, and this would be different for many. In saying this, there are some people that have been unaffected as well.

I cannot imagine how scary this would be for those countries where the numbers are in the thousands, daily. I can only speak from an outsiders perspective, and watch with my heart broken. I just wanted to personally write this post here and let you know that every single one of you that is struggling, I am so unbelivably sorry for what you are experiencing. This doesn’t change much, however I think of those who are struggling every single day, and I shake my head in disbelief that this is our current reality.

To those who missed out on a year of their families life, or perhaps missed out on seeing the future of their loved one due to losing them, I am sending you my deepest condolences. I wish that there was something that I could do to take the pain away, however all I can offer is my sincerest sympathies to you and your loved ones.

I reached out on my social media accounts for those that I could list who are in need of your love, thoughts and healing energy. There are many, many that need this. However, these are who reached out. Please send your best to them:




Parma Violet

Thank you for reading this post, and Merry Christmas.


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