Guardian Angels Explained & How To Find Yours

Guardian Angels

A Guardian Angel is an Angel that was assigned to you since before you were born on Earth. A Guardian Angel is familiar with you in ways that you are not even familiar with yourself. They know the depth of your soul, before it had been touched by your life experiences and the ways that you have altered and changed throughout time. They know why your soul has chosen the journey that it has for this lifetime, and they know where you will be leading. They never leave your side. Your Guardian Angels were with you, throughout your mothers pregnacy, with the goal to always be by your side and to support you.

We all have more than one Guardian Angel, some like to think that they only have one, but that is not the case. A Guardian Angel has an altered ‘job’, so to speak, think about how Archangels all have their role, as well as many other Angels in the Stellar realm. A Guardian Angel is specifically assigned to help and guide you on your journey throughout this lifetime. One of your Guardian Angels, or perhaps all, have been with your soul throughout multiple lifetimes.

You may be wondering where they are, and the answer is quite simply everywhere. Guardian Angels are energetically connected to us. It is rare for them to take physical form, if they were to, it would be in forms that you would not be in fear. You would recognise them. They vibrate deep, unconditional love. Some are gentle, and wait for your invitation before they involve themselves in your affairs. Some don’t and are more involved. They adapt their approach given their own personalities.

Why are they so loving? How have they stuck around this long, and not gotten bored? It’s because they are devoted to their duties, and that duty is you. It is their role, their purpose. Guardian Angels aren’t like us, they know no corruption. They are pure light energy, and they run on the highest of frequencies that we would not be able to begin to fathom. They took a vow to stand by your side, and guide you through life. It may be a duty for them, but it is based upon pure love. Some share an affinity with your soul. This is all down to your life path, and your souls journey.

Who are they? What are they like? To rule out at the beginning here, they don’t have a gender. Even if you feel as though your Guardian Angels have ‘feminine/masculine’ personalities, this is not the answer. You may reflect on Archangels, for example Archangel Michael, it has been taught that Archangel Michael is masculine. This is mainly because if you reflect in history, everything was black and white. There had to be a gender placed on things. Broaden your mind, open your perspective. Understand that this is not the case. Angels are pure energy, there is no gender, no set physical form.

The primary way that our Guardian Angels communicate with us is through thoughts, images, feelings, or even physical signs. These are things that we either pay attention to, or ignore. Sometimes we may not intentionally ignore these connections, it may just be bad timing.

Your Guardian Angels will have their own personalities that are unique to themselves. When you learn to work with them, you will get to understand what they are like. There may be more serious energy coming forward, perhaps playful, sensitive, or even gentle. It will take time to learn and understand their personalities, but they will certainly find their own unique ways to communicate with you in ways that you open yourself up and allow them to.

There are limitations, many limitations in regards to what your Guardian Angels can do for you. Whilst they offer love, warmth, comfort, guidance and the potential to bring opportunities/people into your life, you need to remember that free will is our choice. This is something that our Guardian Angels respect. You will navigate your life and adjust to it to how you see fit, and Guardian Angels are known for respecting this. Your Guardian Angels will often try to take on your suffering so that you don’t have to feel it alone, or as much. They will always honour your freedom of choice, and your will.

How can I get them more involved in my life? Invite them in. There are many ways in how you can connect with your Guardian Angels, and I will be listing how right below. The more room you give them to intervene, the greater you will see. Remember, they know you better than you know yourself. Sometimes you won’t need to explain a single thing, but just hold the intention of reaching them for guidance and support and they will know.

Connecting With Your Guardian Angels

  • Acknowledge them – First and foremost is acknowledging that you have Guardian Angels. This is the most important piece of advice that I can offer, as many don’t pay attention nor believe in the possibility. Regardless if you do believe in your Guardian Angels or not, they will still be providing you guidance and support. They will love you unconditionally, and be with you throughout your souls journey.
  • Read books – Research is key. Knowledge is powerful, especially when coming to understanding about their roles and duties. It is a fantastic gift being able to come across many authors who spend their time dedicated to guiding others on their understanding and learning of Angels. It is always worth having a look, and finding books that connect with you in relation to this topic.
  • Dream, dream, dream When you are dreaming, this is often a great way for our Guardian Angels to communicate with us. You may be given signs, messages or memories to reflect on by your Guardian Angels for your attention. Pay special attention to your dreams, try and keep a journal by your bed or jot an entry in notes on your phone so that you can visit them later in the day.
  • When you feel alone, pause! – Take a moment and consider if your Guardian Angels are with you, the answer will be yes. Always yes. You are never truly alone, your energy is wrapping around you and is connected with your Guardian Angels. Close your eyes, breathe, and open your heart to them.
  • What are they looking at? Often when babies/animals are staring off into the distance, clearly intrigued in behaviour around them, this is often when they are giving the room for other energies in the room. This can often be a sign of a spiritual presence, this possibly could be your Guardian Angels checking in by you in a visible form that our eyes are unable to see. Babies/animals are far more open minded than grown up humans.
  • Journal – Journalling is a wonderful way to connect with your Guardian Angels. You can write about them, or to them. Enjoy each entry, and take your time with it.
  • Write them a letter – This is similar to journalling, but this could be in a way where you can strictly let your emotions and thoughts spill out onto the page for them. Communicate openly with them, and perhaps you could ask for guidance on the situation at hand while you are there. They will be able to guide you and provide you with insight, as well as healing energy. You may have a gut feeling about the situation, or even just a thought come into your mind and a sense of knowing where to go from there. You may even experience a new change or opportunity coming forward, or people entering your life, they may have been guided by your Guardian Angels. Ensure you provide a thank you, this can be done simply by telling them in your thoughts, or even jot a note down at the end of your letter when you revisit it.
  • Meditation – When you meditate, go into it with the mindframe of being open to your Guardian Angels. Take your time through each session, and call to them. Let them feel welcome, and communicate with them in ways you want to. Talk to them if you wish, give them images in your mind, find a safe space to be in your mind and practice.
  • Names – After you have practiced journalling, meditation or even focusing your attention on your dreams – see if any names come to you. It may help you to connect with them if you personalise them, and get more familiar with them in that sense. You can even close your eyes, calm your mind, and ask your higher self the name of one of your Guardian Angels. You may receive a name, you may not. You can practice this as many times as you like. You may feel as though you won’t receive a name, and that is okay, you may be able to write some names down yourself and wait until you come across the one that makes you smile, or gives you the chills! You will feel what is right.
  • Collect trinkets/gifts – You may come across little tokens from them, as they give you signs. This could be simple things as feathers, coins, beads, any random trinkets like these along the way. Collect them. Make a safe space to place them in your house, you could even dedicate a special area for them where you light some candles and send your intentions out into the universe.
  • Angel ‘themed’ jewelry – This is something that I personally do, but not in an excessive way. I simply have an angel wing pendant that I wear on a necklace chain every day. This is sentimental for me, and it is a way that I bond with my Guardian Angels. It is something that you don’t have to dedicate to an angel wing, but in ways that you find yourself connecting to your Guardian Angels. It could be in any form, you may like to connect your Guardian Angels with water, so you could find yourself something blue that you keep near you. Any form that feels natural for you, it is a nice way to connect with the energy.
  • Ask for a sign – You may want to feel some reminders of their loving energy. Ask for a sign, either you can verbally say this, write it down, or even meditate the idea out into the universe. Allow time, don’t expect one immediately. It may take a matter of hours, or even a few days. You will know the sign when you see it. It could be through your dreams, a new opportunity, new perspective, or even a physical sign such as a feather or other forms of a gift.

I want to end this post by saying, have faith in yourself and your abilities. It can often be hard to trust your intuition, you may find it difficult to open your mind up to the concept of Guardian Angels. Some people don’t feel important or worthy of such attention and love, and this is simply why it is so important to work on. Not just for your self confidence, but it is for your spiritual growth. It is so important to open your mind to the depth of this world, things may seem toxic and heavy in life, but that is purely human created drama. Underneath the surface, there is peace, and there is love in the purest of forms.

When you open yourself up to receiving signs, you will see that your spirituality will direct you towards the signs around you. Remember that you can always lean on your Guardian Angels if you are uncertain on an aspect with your spirituality. Ask away, they will answer you, even if you believe that it is them or not.

You may find it hard to pick up on the signs and messages from them, this is absolutely fine. You may struggle to connect with them if this is the situation, but keep trying. You need to trust your ability to understand them, and have faith in yourself. Trust your intuition.

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