2021 Yearly Numerology & Tarot Forecast

2021 Numerology & Tarot Forecast

For 2021, the energy is sitting at number 5. Given the circumstances with how we are going into 2021 with no end in sight to the current pandemic of COVID-19, I don’t necessarily see this as great energy for the year ahead.

With vaccinations coming forward, I see a lot of emotionally charged energy moving forward. People will be sceptical and high strung with anxiety, rather than thinking logical and practical. There may be a lot of backlash against vaccinations coming forward, especially for those who hold the opinion/feel as though their rights may be taken away or dismissed.

Emotionally Driven

Number 5 energy holds intensity of feelings like no other. You can related 5 energy to be symbolic to the Heart Chakra, which as you can imagine is emotionally intensive. There is little to no intellect held here, as people will make decisions through their emotions and potentially not think things through clearly.

People are going to be driven towards the new and will want to welcome new routine and experiences, rather than being held back by boundaries and strict ruling. There will be a lot of sensitivity here, and it will be a year where the heart is leading over the mind. There will be a drive for freedom, and this will clash if restrictions are in place (for example, state lockdowns). This will really conflict with allowing rules to take place, as people quite frankly will not be listening. If intellect is not used, there will be little to no emotional control.

For those who may utilise the strengths of their emotions positively, they will be adaptable. They will not only understand their own feelings clearer, but they will be able to appreciate others feelings and views. This energy can work in their favour, if they allow it.

Energy Of Entrepreneurs

Natural born entrepreneurs will thrive this year. There is going to be a sky rocket in the demand of people wanting to work for themselves and build up their own businesses. People will want to be making their own financial gain, and there will be less interest in working in offices or customer serving positions. This could be due to the shift of people working from home in 2020, where it was proven that they could do their jobs at home, people will be less likely interested in coming into the office given how they enjoyed the comfort of their own home.

People will be driven by their own self expression and passion, they would have had a taste of making things work for them and be driven to take their first step forward. This will be great energy for it to take off, but it also will cause a shift in the regular dynamic across the world.


People will be wanting to live their lives to the fullest. This is what is going to be driving the love for change, freedom and not being tied down. This demand will cause a shift against normal regulations and rules in place, as they want to break free from restrictive energy. Do not be surprised if there is a stronger increase in protests this year, potentially protests that put governments under threat as well from a stronger increase in public control. This may be bringing in contracts, law inforcement and formal agreements.

From here, there may be no choice but acceptance. People may fight and dispute difference and change, but things will be forced to be put under acceptance even if it is not whole heartedly agreed upon. There will certainly be risks taken, and peace will not be given lightly.

Out With The Old

People will be done with the negativity that is no longer serving them. There will be a lot of ties released with what may have been holding people down. The end of 2020 into 2021 will be shifting the responsiblity and weight of burden into emotionally dealt realities. A lot of people will be exhausted and tired once they have faced things that they have placed into the forefront of their minds from 2020.

There was the matter of facing their past, and then 2021 will be bringing it in, dealing with it, and then releasing the ties that were holding them down. People will be striving for balance, this balance will come with extremities, but will ultimately end up in a greater place.


This year will be bringing forward a large focus around formal agreements. There will be a sense of law, contracts and negotiations in place. This could be in the sense that vaccinations are brought in under law, and this will spark an outrage against those who disagree.

There may potentially be the sense where in certain workplaces you must be vaccinated to work, or when travelling, purchasing/services, the detailing is unclear. There could be the degree where limitations are brought in to those who choose to not vaccinate themselves. This may be the main focus of 2021, where there is a clash between rights and law. There is going to be a lot coming ahead that is yet to be revealed.

For 2021, it is important to be aware that self discipline is what will bring the ultimate outcome that we all want. It will bring us to the victory that we all are eager for. If people have the determination and the drive to bring home the winning of the race, we will. It’s going to be all about perceptivity this year. If we hold a clear, logical and level headed mind, we will be able to bring forward a successful year.

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