January 2021 Numerology Forecast

Number 6 – January 2021

For January 2021, the energy is sitting with number 6. You may recognise this monthly energy, as this was the same as November 2020. As a Numerologist, I see this energy as nuturing and caring, however, it can be to the point of destruction. This caring for others is at a point of extremity, where you will find personal neglect in regards to self care. This is neglectful energy to oneself, where they may put their self needs and desires on the shelf, to be abandoned, while others are at the forefont of their minds.

This energy provides creativity and destruction. The mind is battling between responsibility and their own creativity. Whilst heavily busy and focused on duties, there will be neglect to down time. Often when people are relaxing, they are letting their creativity explore, and with this exploration comes emotional release. When you unwind you let your cup refill, where you find your patience, clarity of thought, and inspiration. When there is little room for letting this cup refill, there is not much to offer.

This will be a very emotionally unbalanced month. Whilst it will be filled with depth and caring nature, it will be lacking release and control. There will be a lot of battling with the mind, potentially allowing a lack of strength in regards to emotional control and things will be misplaced and disconnected.

With a large focus around the home, this could be people finding their roles in their domestic dynamics. But this could also suggest that a lot of the emotional conflict is stirring around from the home life. Perhaps, given lockdowns in place/not in place/ in place again, there may be a desire to break free from the routine around the house and wanting to spice things up a bit.

When there is a lack of self expression, there will be nothing pushing you forward and giving you purpose. You must find a way to let yourself unwind, disconnect, and release built up emotions. You will not be able to aid those as well as you wish to, when you yourself are lacking control.

In regards to your responsibilities at hand, ensure you pay attention. If you are exhausted, stressed, and not paying attention – you won’t be providing the energy you want to be. You will be doing jobs half completed, or they will be lacking the usual spark you put to things. Take your time, or remove yourself from the duties entirely until you feel up for it and in a better mind frame. It’s better to do things properly.

Focus on your wellbeing this month, and try to set aside the need to help others so much. It will be all about helping yourself this month. You will be needing to get yourself back into the swing of things, and this may be challenging. If you continue to ignore how you truly feel, you will find that things are just not quite right. Focus on you.

Keywords for this month: Emotional control, creative release, nuturing, responsibilities, toxicity


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