Cinnabar Properties

Historically Cinnabar was quite sacred across the globe, and luckily it was abundant in many countries. It was found that Cinnabar had attracted the name ‘Dragon’s Blood’ because of it’s crimson shade, and in ancient paintings it had been said that Cinnabar was thought to have magical properties.

The love for Cinnabar was across many locations, many were aware of it’s beneficial properties. Unfortunately, a lot of illnesses were brought on with poisoning. As Mercury poisoning was unknown back then, the inhalation of the particles were toxic, especially in the mines.

Cinnabar had been used in ceramics, jewellery, inks, murals, religious ceremonies and it is often suggested that Cinnabar is a crystal associated with Archangel Michael, one of the head Archangels in history.

It is important to know that ‘Cinnabar’ is the formed mineral, however due to the beautiful crimson shade, Alchemist extracted the pigment from it and from this extraction, ‘Vermillion/Vermilion’ had been created. This is the beautiful rich red on sacred paintings and such.

Later on, Cinnabar had yet another use. Alchemists discovered when broken, they found pieces they called ‘quicksilver’. Alchemist used this to turn the ‘quicksilver’ into gold.


Cinnabar is a toxic Mercury sulfide mineral. Crystallized, Cinnabar is a red mercuric sulphide (HgS) which is the main ore of Mercury. Cinnabar is often found as a granular/earthy mass, or as a thick, prismatic crystal. It can also form in crystals that are nonmetallic adamantine luster. Due to the thick, prismatic formation it can often resemble a Quartz with the similar symmetry.

Many have found deposits of Cinnabar in Quartz, Pyrite, Stibnite, Stilbite, Marcasite. Generally veins located near volcanic rocks or thermal hot springs. On the Mohs scale, the hardness of Cinnabar is at a 2.0-2.5.

Benefits Of Cinnabar

Aids with new business adventures
Awakening mystic vision
Stimulates your intuition
Fantastic for welcoming prosperity
Leads you to your Divine purpose
Boosts self confidence
Wonderful for aiding manifestation
Increases wealth into the home
Releases fear and painful memories
Great for meditation
Assists with inspiration and imagination
Assists with clear communication

Caution! Never use unsealed Cinnabar, and even if it is sealed, still be cautious.
It should never come in contact with your skin. Don’t ingest it, and don’t mix it with water.
Avoid wearing it or holding it without protection. If you come in contact with it, ensure that you wash your hands/skin.

I recommend keeping Cinnabar in a special box, like a money box, or a box where you place your manifestation collections.
You can have it wrapped up in special cloth in a room where you like to keep your crystals, or even if you place it on your shrine!
Just ensure that you don’t wear it on your person, or are in contact with it unprotected.

Health Benefits:

Cinnabar is fantastic for bringing alignment to all Chakra points in the body, as it focuses on releasing stagnant and negative energy blockages. It has been said that Cinnabar promotes a long life, so many have used it for this purpose.

It works on aiding healing processes in the physical body, so it is wonderful to have around you if you are suffering from physical bodily injuries. It can assist with warts, lesions and boils on the skin as well as skin infections.

It has been said that it assists with fertility troubles, as well as promoting sexual desires. It can support the healing process when going through HIV treatments and herpes, as it helps support your body by providing strength where needed.

It can assist with strengthening the immune system, and purifying blood. This has been beneficial for viral/bacterial infections in the body. It often helps with strep and fungal infections.


Cinnabar is found in a large granular/earthy form, or a thick, prismatic form. When broken down (called Vermillion/Vermilion), it can often be thick, brick red in colour or even a pinky/crimson shaded pigment.

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