How To Heal With Angels

Firstly, I just want to say that it is important to know that this is the same as any form of alternative method with healing, it is always important to seek medical professional help first and foremost. With that said, let’s move forward onto the post.

Angelic Healing is highly beneficial, and useful. This can be done when you are generally feeling unwell. Perhaps you are feeling more run down than usual, and you could be experiencing things such as sleeplessness (insomnia), anxiety, stress, uneasiness, overwhelming sense of worry when nothing is wrong, back pain, or even colds, digestive issues or headaches that are persistent and you are unable to shake them off.

Angelic Healing can be done in many different ways, it is all about finding the way that suits you best. I have listed a few different methods for you to consider if you are interested in doing so. Enjoy!

Angelic Healing Sessions

Angelic Healing sessions work on all aspects of your life. It is not just emotional and physical assistance, it is mental and spiritual as well. When you have Angelic Healing sessions, they get to work on many different planes and aspects in your life rather than just one. The first thing you can do is to have a healing session with an Angelic Healing Practitioner, such as myself, or others that you may come across.

The Healing session is quite intensive, as it requies the Angelic Healing Practitioner to utilise the strengths and abilities of yours and their own Guides as well as beings of the highest frequency in order to bring support to your healing, wisdom and guidance.

During your Healing session, your Angelic Healing Practitioner is often open and receptive to messages/insights. These can be images or messages given from the Stellar realm. The Healing session releases a lot of emotional stress from the body, mind and emotional plane. It is recommened to have a Healing session with an Angelic Healing Practitioner once a month.

Meditation/A Quiet Space

If an Angelic Healing Practitioner doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, often you can do this during meditation on your own or if you struggle to meditate, you can just find a quiet space to sit with some candles, crystals and a journal.

You simply just need to ask for healing, and invite them into your healing space. You can do this on the same day, schedule it in for yourself as it is most important to be doing this for you. Some time away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and work on your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical plane.

It is not as in-depth as a healing session with an Angelic Healing Practitioner, as they have been trained in the full process with handling such strong healing energy from the Stellar realm, however you certainly can find your own style on how you wish to heal. You could journal the things you need healing with, or speak to them in your quiet space, or use your crystals as a way of channeling the healing energy.

Once you get in the practice of doing this for yourself, you will start to see the light being brought into your day. You will feel less run down, and full of more energy and motivation. Your healing process will be uplifting, and enlightening.

Be Open

Allow yourself to be open to your connection with Angels, and perhaps make it a daily routine. Allow yourself a couple minutes to just stop, close your eyes, and breathe. Think about your connection with the Stellar realm, and allow yourself to welcome the energy into your mind, body and spirit. You don’t need to be in a sacred space meditating, you can be simply waiting for the kettle to boil while you allow yourself this quick moment. It’s simply about welcoming the energy.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a fantastic way to work with your Crystals, but also to work with your Angels. You can read my Archangel & Crystal Healing guide that assists you with learning about the Archangels and Crystals associated with them. You can include this Crystal Healing with your meditation, or perhaps keep these Crystals by your bedside/wear them on your person.

Who Are You Drawn To?

First and foremost, it can be helpful to have a look into which Archangel you are most drawn to. Perhaps you are working on self love and confidence, which Archangel Chamuel is fantastic for. You might be healing from the loss of a loved one, and need to surround yourself with love and support – Archangel Azrael can help you with your grief. There are so many Archangels out there for you to research, and it may be easier for you to selectively work with that Angelic healing energy first before you tackle the greater Stellar realm.

Angel Cards

It may be helpful for you to connect with the Angels through Oracle or Tarot. Perhaps you can work on an Oracle/Tarot journal, where you document your readings with the Angels as you work on healing through the connection there. You can work on receiving your guidance through your cards, and progress through each reading you work on. You can make it a daily routine, or even once a week/fortnight. Whatever works best for you.

Featured Image: Artist unknown, if known, please let me know so I can list them.

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