Pick A Pile: What You Need To Know For January 2021

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope you all are feeling cleansed and charged from the beautiful Cold Moon we just had grace all of us. I thought it would be a great time to organise a ‘Pick A Pile’ for January 2021. As we are coming into a new year, it is always great to gather a bit of an understanding with the energy that is coming in and what we are working with. Do know that I have a tip function available if you feel drawn to.

For this ‘Pick A Pile’, I have used Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson (Illustrated by Julie Dillon) and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful to work with. I truly loved putting this together for you all, so I hope you all enjoy it!

From Top Left: A, B | From Bottom Left: C, D

As you can see from the image above, I have included the piles to choose from. From the top left we have A, B. Bottom left we have C, D. Choose your pile, and find it in the post below.


Pile A – Set Sail!

You are holding back here and preventing yourself from moving forward this month. You may be caught on a wave of procrastination, and perhaps judging others too harshly for their movement while you stand still. It doesn’t matter if you make the wrong decision. If you don’t make a choice, you may find yourself regretting not doing anything at all.

Be careful of making excuses for yourself or for others this month. You may find yourself covering your tracks, or perhaps the tracks of others when they may not have done the same for you. It’s not a good month for wasting your time, or wasting the time of those around you. You may be afraid to take responsibility for past actions, and you are fearful of having a repeat of a similar situation.

As we have positive energy coming in for you, listen to those around you. They may be able to shed some light on the situations that are causing you to hold back. There is great potential here for positive things to happen this month, you may find that work will take off, relationships will want to progress and the gears are going to be spinning. It looks as though it is you who is holding everything back from being able to sail. Open the blinds, let the sun come in, and ease up a bit.

Pile B – Find Balance

This is going to be a month where you truly find yourself at ease with your connections around you with your loved ones. You will be settling into your bubble nicely, and things are going to feel great. This ease that you will feel is going to allow you to accept and give love openly. Be careful, as you may find yourself overly swept up in the happiness that is surrounding your bonds.

Sometimes when our inner world is at peace, we neglect taking our outer world on more meaningful levels. Sometimes when you compare your inner and outer world, there is no tough choice, you know what really matters deep down! Of course friends and family will rule over anything in our lives. You may be the kind of person where if everything is in check in your inner world, the outer world doesn’t influence you as much and things will feel unproblematic in comparison.

Now, be cautious here. As your inner world shines, your outer world is going to take a bit of a beating. While you were busy enjoying the peace, your work/study life may have been on fire, a tad, due to the sheer amount of juggling going on. You may have felt so on top of the world, that you took on too many tasks unknowingly, or you thought that you could handle it. This may have been from a snap moment of confidence where you decided to accept a really tight deadline, or perhaps you pushed your studies aside in order to enjoy personal time with loved ones and left it too late.

Be careful this month with taking too many things on board, as the feeling of being on top of the world may be short lasting and the exhaustion is going to catch up faster than you think. I would be cautious around opportunities that arise this month, if they seem quite risky and you are hesitant to accept, think things through. Weigh all different perspectives up before accepting anything.

Pile C – The Road Isn’t Over Yet

Explore. Find a different route, and don’t settle. It looks like you may have recently had things work out for you in your favour. Did you receive some information that you have been holding out for? Perhaps some form of achievement has wiggled it’s way into your life, and you are wanting to bask in the glory of how great this all is. Hold on, and give yourself a moment here. What next? Is there something you can do to further this? There is more waiting for you, and you have much more to research. If you are currently making a decision, the options in front of you are not the right ones. See if there are more options available, dig in deeper, perhaps push the envelope a bit more and choose the route that intrigues you, not the ones handed to you.

You may be wanting to hang your jacket up, kick your shoes off and sit on the lounge for a moment with a big grin on your face. If things feel easy, they aren’t right. You need more here. You need things to spark your mind in ways that leave you interested! The race isn’t over, and there is much more that you can achieve here if you give yourself the chance. There is more to learn, and much more to do. Things won’t feel simple like this for long, so allow yourself a quick moment where you pat yourself on the back, but then get straight back into the field.

Pile D – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

There are a few delays coming this month for you. The delays are going to play tricks on your mind a bit, and you may be fearful that things will not work out in your favour or that there is deceit lying around that you are not clearly seeing. These mind games will grow your impatience, and leave you frustrated given that it may be out of your control.

There will be more word play than actions coming ahead this month. You may find that people will be saying one thing and yet doing another. Ensure you are not asking those around you for advice, and then not listening regardless of their answer. It is important to mindfully ask for guidance from others if you intend on following through. Their view of the situation will be clear headed, with emotions removed. You are involved far too deep emotionally to make the correct choice.

Be careful of misunderstanding others, even though this will be challenging given the confusion in place between words and actions. Try to think logically, and if you find your mind wandering to the worst case scenario, busy yourself with things that bring you peace and calm. In saying this, don’t take distractions to the extreme as you may find it as a form of escapism.

Things may feel far too overwhelming and confusing, and you may end up putting yourself in a bubble, refusing to handle or deal with situations around you. Whilst it may be an emotionally challenging month, you will need to focus on the realities in front of you, rather than the illusions and the mask that you will put on. Don’t be unreachable to your loved ones, even if you feel distant from them, ensure you reach out and openly communicate as much as possible.

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