Pick A Pile: A January Message From Your Angels & Guides

Good morning, all!

In addition to the ‘Pick A Pile’ using Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson (Illustrated by Julie Dillon) that I posted up yesterday, I wanted to do an Angel & Guides message along with it. I wanted to do them in separate posts, so that the messages delivered would be unique to their own. The deck that I have used for this is The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray (Artwork by Jennifer Hawkyard).

Let’s get onto it then! I want you to have a look at the image below, where you can select the pile that you are most drawn to. Now, I did these piles a little different. The message is actually showing directly at you. The card is placed upright at the bottom of the piles, so technically, the message is facing you right now. Which one are you drawn to? From the top, we have on the left A and then B. Bottom, C and D.

Top Left: A, B | Bottom Left: C, D

I’ve written these up for you below. Once you have chosen your pile, please look for it listed below and find your message from your Angels & Guides.

I’m sending you all so much love and blessings for the new year ahead, welcome to 2021! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer for this year. Do know that I have paid services available should you feel drawn to me throughout the year, as well as a tip function available if you feel drawn to. I look forward to connecting with you!

I hope you all have a great day.


Pile A – Forgiveness And Understanding

Coming into January, you are bringing with you negative energy. This doesn’t feel like old energy that has festered over some time, instead it is from new, raw and unhealed wounds. You have yet to put the start to your healing, potentially due to held hopes that things will blow over and resume as normal. You may not know how to move forward. You may find yourself stuck in a loop because you don’t know where the hurt starts or ends.

You are going to need to find some grounding here that things may not be as they were. Understanding is the first start to healing, and you will need to focus on this for this month. Understand where you now are in life, and find forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to forget, it just means that you need to release your connection to the situation or the person. Once you find forgiveness, you will find that you are released. You may not want to be released, and you will find ways to hold onto the situation or the person, because you may be of the mind that if you are angry, the energy and connection is still alive. But do you want it to be, truely? In all of it’s unhealthy state? It is doing you no good, and you must make the decision to move forward.

Pile B – Self Acceptance

You have reached the point in your life where self deprecating jokes are not getting you where you want to be, not like they used to. You may have used this technique as ways to get you friendships or just in fact seen. It was better than feeling invisible. Somehow, the jokes made you feel better about your insecurities. You felt like if you went with it, at least people couldn’t use it as a weapon against you. Better stab the knife in first before they can, right? Wrong. The end of the rope has been reached and you are growing tired. You are tired of the way that it makes you feel, and you are tired of feeling unworthy.

The life that you want to live is in front of you. Everything that you could want or need is around you, and you need to find the time to see it. It’s time to see yourself for all the beauty that you are, and accept that if people don’t like it, they can close the door on their way out.

It’s time to take a good look at the people around you. Are people pushing you up, or pulling you down? Are there people that you are unsure if they are supportive, or talking behind your back? How do they make you feel? If there are people coming to mind as you read this, the answer is already within you. You need to find a way off the crumbled bridge and never try to rebuild it again. They aren’t worth it, and you certainly are worth it.

Focus on you. You are glorious, and you need to talk to yourself in ways that you talk to others. You treat people with such kindness and light, it is time to turn that onto yourself. You are in need of some love, but not just any love, the love that you can provide and only you.

Pile C – Manifestation

This is a powerful card to receive for this month. It looks as though great energy is aligning for you, and you best be receptive to the blessings coming your way.

If you are working on putting new ideas out into the universe, perhaps getting a feel for things to see how it will take off, keep at it. Your thoughts and intentions are powerful. You have great energy around you that will be willing to build up what you set into place. It’s time to start working on getting your gears in order so that you can start the ball rolling.

This is also suggesting here that you have more strength to make things work than you may realise. Perhaps you are feeling as though you are unheard or unseen, and this is not the case. Take this as a sign that you are being listened to, and there is greatness available if you are open to accepting it. Take some time to thank the universe for the blessings that are on their way, but ensure you are putting the practical work in for projects as well.

Pile D – Take A Step Back

It’s time to withdraw and give yourself a moment. You may be in a position where you are trying to align things so that they can work out in the best favour of yourself, but you cannot force things into place if they are not meant for you. Perhaps you are unsure of a certain person and how they may feel about you, they may not be giving you all that much to go off, and you may find yourself nagging for their attention. Stop, and give them time to come to you.

In the sense of work or studies, you may be going overboard and giving far too much of yourself when there is room for you to withdraw a bit and allow some of your energy to be kept for yourself. Take some time, and give yourself a breather. You aren’t going to miss out on anything if you take your eyes off of the prize for a moment. You need to allow yourself some time to disconnect and recharge.

If there are big opportunities presenting themselves to you, perhaps an offer that appears too good to be missed, this is a message for you to pause before you answer in a moment of pressure. It would be best to give yourself some time before answering, so that you can reflect, think, and consider. Throughout January, be cautious of making any long term commitments or snap decisions. Think things through clearly, and logically.

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