Angel & Their Roles

As I am constantly changing and growing in my spiritual journey, please take what I have listed here with your own interpretation of an Angel, God or Goddess. I have titled the ‘ultimate being of energy’ as the Divine, so that hopefully no one feels uncomfortable. Please fit it to what best suits you.

As a side note, these are often the most commonly known roles in the Stellar realm. There are many, many Angels. These are just a few to get you started and familiar with, I welcome you to do your own research and see what you are comfortable with. Angels are energy of the Divine, and their pure unconditional love and duty is spread all across the energy grid. We ourselves are filled with energy and light. We are all energetically connected.

The Seraphim
Associated with red wings and fire.
The Caretakers/Protectors of the Divine throne. Divine love.

Body of Sphinxes, with 4 faces; Angel, Lion, Eagle, Human.
Watchers over the universe, which make them excellent guides. They guard entrances into the Divine. They hold great insight.

Carriers of the Divine throne. Chariots of the Divine.
Celestial beings of Divine justice. They maintain the universal law, and apply their strong intellect practically. These Celestial beings work closely with humans, they provide messages and provide perspective for us when we are lacking. They provide bright light and aid to right wrong doings.

The Dominions
Keeping the world in order.
The Dominions are led by Archangel Zadkiel. They bring mercy to human beings and also work on helping Angels that are in ‘lower ranking’ areas. They supervise, and communicate regularly with other Angels. They work for the higher purpose, and have a strong passion for justice. The Dominions often answer prayers to the Stellar realm. They often provide fresh ideas to others, and encourage people to provide mercy and kindness to others.

Reminders for wisdom and spiritual discipline.
The Principalities are led by Archangel Daniel. They often help world leaders, and help motivate people to solve issues. They work on releasing great deals of stress/worries by bringing forward and encouraging new ideas.

They work on missions from the Divine.
Archangels hold the most important responsibilities, and are the highest rank in all of the Stellar realm. There are too many Archangels to count. They supervise Angels, and have the honour of being in the presence of the Divine. The archangels are led by Archangel Michael, as Archangel Michael takes the main role in direction and leading through strength. Archangels work on larger scale tasks.

Angels; such as Guardian Angels
All sorts of Angels are in this class, with different functions.
There are many, many Angels in the Stellar realm. It would be impossible to list every class, however, Guardian Angels are here to work alongside the Earth realm. These Angels provide support, comfort, guidance and strength. They work alongside us to help provide new opportunities and people into our lives, often intervening when invited in to provide help. Their duty is to protect and support the soul they have chosen to follow in this lifetime, and potentially many other lifetimes.

Virtue Angels
Giver of miracles.
Virtue Angels are led by Archangel Uriel. Virtue Angels work on performing miracles, these often are to help humans deepen their trust in the Stellar realm and to help aid us to grow spiritually. They often are known to send peace and hope into your thoughts. They can visit in dreams, and often encourage certain people after death to lead down different soul paths. They help humans have a strong foundation of faith so that their lives are more stable and calm.

The authority.
Powers are Warrior Angels. They supervise the movement of the human body, and are sort of the soliders of the Stellar realm. They are loyal to the Divine, and they oversee humankind. They oppose evil spirits, and work hard at keeping justice in check.

Featured Image: Artist unknown, if known, please let me know so I can list them.

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