The Next Fortnight – January Numerology Forecast

Good ‘late’ morning everyone,

After the horrific morning witnessed on the news for America, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the energy that is around us globally. I will be covering the next two weeks, as well as some bonus areas around Trump and Biden. I don’t usually write things like this, however, I feel like this may be able to offer some of you perhaps some clarity, as well as some comfort.

I’ve provided a brief overview on the year we are having, as well as this current month of January. This is just to give you a bit of an overall idea, as the daily energy connects importantly to the month as well as the year. This is helpful in providing a wider perspective, as it’s not one layer, there are multiple energies that are required to work together which is why we often experience friction. Feel comfortable in skipping over the year/month overview if it doesn’t interest you.

I hope I am able to shed some light on what is around for this month/year. Stay safe.


2021 – Wrapped Up Overview

As I wrote in my Numerology Forecast for 2021, this is a 5 year. This energy is really not ideal for the year overall, as it is fast moving energy that often brings forward unexpected changes in events, as well as scattered plans. Emotions are high strung, and people are thinking with their heart, not their mind.

Things can be set in motion and look set in stone (or like a good idea), when it in fact is the worst path to go down, or it just doesn’t come together no matter how much planning you set in place. This is energy where things often are short lived, or misplaced.

On a positive note, luck often goes in hand with this energy. You may find that opportunities arise out of no where, which is a pleasant surprise. Do know that the best way to handle this energy is by taking things with a grain of salt, and when blessings come your way, accept them with a cautious, open eye.

If you are interested in reading more about 2021, I recommend having a read through of the forecast I posted here.

January 2021 – Wrapped Up Overview

For January, we are experiencing a 6 month. This energy brings a lot of moodiness, and with it often the feeling of being fearful of the worst.

It’s very emotionally unstable, and when you link this to the energy of 5, it is significantly stronger in quite honestly a negative way. You will find unusual plans set in motion that fall through, or may even unexpectedly go ahead and catch you off guard. With this, be cautious of how you choose to handle those circumstances around you. Think logically and practically, even if circumstances surrounding you are set in the least logical/practical way. It’s important that you take control of how you choose to handle situations around you.

You will see people adopting other’s problems as their own, and over involve themselves in places that they need not to. This brings forward a lot of “He said, she said” gossip-type of communication, and it can often clash with healthy boundaries. People will really need to set and establish boundaries, which if it is not done, it can be overstepped and misused.

This is an energy where people will feel the need to be needed. There is certainly a “I’ll do it” rather than teach. So you will see that there will be dominance coming forward, where there is room for needing to learn to give but also to receive.

People may lash out if they feel as though the spotlight is no longer on them, and this may bring a surprise as someone projects themselves to be more outgoing and forward than their usual introverted and quiet self. Don’t be surprised if someone comes out of the quiet and becomes the main focus of attention this month. People will be more inclined to be stepping out of their shells.

In regards to commitments, this is reasonably favourable energy for addressing them but it must be handled appropriately and carefully. This is a month where if a deal needs to be signed, it should be done. However, due to it being a 5 year (the overruling tone of this year is unstable) – things will be scattered, and very emotionally driven. There may be delays, and decisions might be mistakenly made out of pressure. You can read my forecast here.

Trump – Brief Explanation

Year Due to this being the main focus of this post, it may be worth explaining where Trump is currently sitting for this year. Trump is having a Personal Year of 7. This is a year that should be focused around reflection, as beliefs are quite honestly put to the test.

This is energy intensely focused around sacrificial learning, which if one does not focus on learning and exploring different perspectives – this will be a challenging time for them. They may experience a lot of trouble with the hurtles they face, and it is important to focus on why experiences are happening to them, and what they could do better next time.

This often brings forward a lot of karmic energy, as the learning experience can be quite tough. Many often may need to seek guidance to help understand the positions that they find themselves in. Ultimately, it is all for the higher purpose and greater good. It is a temporary transitional period.

Trump may find that a lot of his relationships with others will be stretched quite thin. His connections will be put under pressure, betrayal brought forward, and he may find this year hard with those around him. Communication will be a struggle, with a lot of misunderstanding and confusion coming to light throughout the year. This is certainly a year where he will be rediscovering himself.

Month For January, Trump is experiencing the month of 8. This is a month that focuses around finances and workplace environments. It is important to note that unexpected accidents are more likely to happen this month. Often, it is a month where you need to be careful of your whereabouts and be extra aware with dealings whether that is financially or personally.

It is a month that is favourable in reshifting where your money is going out, and coming in. Often it is recommended to take advantage of financial opportunities, and seeking authority. It’s a month where if you take the wheel in regards to your investments, things may work in your favour. Often with this energy people are advised to step into their power, as there may be better deals/opportunities available. It is generally stressed with this energy that it is important at getting those important paperworks signed.

Disagreements are very costly with 8 energy. This is where it is important to choose your words and battles wisely, as the fall out can be escalated. This energy is forgetful, which is why it is accident prone. It would not be a surprise if the finer print is missed this month, and it works against the path in the works.

Towards the end of this month and going into February, we will start to see a lot of situations coming to a close, as he will be entering a 9 month in February.

The Energy Over The Next Fortnight

We are currently sitting at 9 energy. What is done today, sets the tone for the following week ahead. It is important to know that this will also be going further than just this week, it will most likely be for the next few years.

Unfortunately, we have 5 and 6 energy in addition to this 9 energy. Whilst things will be misplaced and highly emotionally run, there will be karmic energy coming along for the ride. This will all have an outcome, whether it works in favour, that is yet to be decided. The important thing to note is that what looks probable, most likely won’t be the outcome. Expect the unexpected here, not just for January, but for the overall theme of this year and many to come.

9 energy focuses around completion. People may not take no for an answer with this energy. Things will be cleaned and cleared, often things are finished for whatever is started. This is often good for taking a step in the right direction, and clearing things that no longer serve or provide greater benefit. Damage that is done will lead towards lessons being paid back in future, whereas good gestures/deeds often will provide greater things ahead.

Overall, this is a pivotal time for karmic energy to take place. Often this is energy where lessons in compassion are put to the test, and lots of deep responsibility takes the heat.

This will be following through towards 1 energy, which will then follow through the new 9 cycle. With this, expect to see blunt leadership emerge on the 8th. This will mean no sense of community, as everyone wants to go on their own and cut themselves off from those around them. There will be intentions set, goals taking charge as well as contracts being signed. There will be an exercise of independence surrounding problems on the 8th. People will not be willing or open for adaption.

There is more favourable energy for assistance and reflection on the 9th, this will be helpful energy for bringing observation ahead. We will then be leading in towards isolation and serious energy over the following days, which will be bringing in hard work, discipline and practicality.

On the 12th, be cautious. This will be 5 energy, which is the energy of the year as well. So the unexpected may take its turn on this date, as this will be strengthened energy of instability. It will be important to be cautious of entering into personal/business commitments, and be cautious of the energy around for this day. This will be bringing forward change, and new information.

20th January (Inauguration Day) – Joe Biden

This is favourable energy for building foundations upon, as the 20th of January is sitting at 4 energy. It is the much loved energy of practicality, which is often serious and boring. Oh, how good it would be to experience simplicity and the feeling of boredom.

As things are all over the place, 4 energy is really going to be useful and shine throughout this year when it hits. 4 energy will be bringing normality into high strung energy.

With this energy, it is fantastic for choosing to strengthen your education, and it is wonderful for putting your skills to work. Things often go smoothly with this energy.

The great thing about this energy is that it is favourable for making long term choices or sticking to ideas, in saying this, if all goes well – Joe Biden will be setting the stage for long term significance.

It will be important for him to use his communication skills to allow those who are listening to know what he can do for them, and how he plans to use expertise in certain areas. If he shows that he is ready, it is fantastic energy for stepping into power.

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