Herb Garden – Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this new (and rather out of the blue) idea that I had for Wryteril. It’s been a hard time for many, and I have found that gardening can often really help busy your mind and get you distracted – even if it is only for a little while!

These herb packets have been sitting in my kitchen drawer for a little while, as in 2020 I began my herb gardening adventure. Now, I should warn you all. I don’t have the best green thumb. Whilst I love getting my hands stuck into dirt and getting into nature as much as possible, I have terrible track record at knowing how much sunshine is too much, or if I am overwatering. I’ve had a few close calls with some of my plant babies, which luckily I have been able to rescue, but knowing my luck (now that I am welcoming you all on board) – we may lose some soldiers. If this project fails, I do apologise!

This idea sort of stemmed from just the fact that, A) it’s been a crap time, and B) how fun is gardening? The excitement I get from seeing brand new growth poking out of dirt is amazing! It’s so rewarding. For those who don’t have a herb garden growing currently, this can be your project! Not many are able to do so, which is unfortunate because they would love to have one. So here we are. This might be able to be something that you can look forward to seeing updates for. Let this small section of the internet give you some happiness and peace.

If you have any names that come to mind for our herb garden project together, let me know. We need to name this project as well as our herbs!

Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme

As is tradition, my cat wanted to get in on the excitement. It’s Saturday afternoon here, and the sun is absolutely lethal. It was so hot outside (I live in Australia), so I tried to avoid too much sunlight or I would have melted like an ice cream. You lucky devils overseas and your beautiful, snow filled winter. I’m shaking my fist at Australian summer in my mind as I type this.

Anyway, moving forward! My gardening companion (cat) and I gathered our 4 pots and readied them. They had failed herbs in them prior (shh, don’t panic), so I was sad to call it quits on them. Let’s hope we can turn this around, and have 4 beautiful herbs growing!

My gardening companion seemed to have liked the pot for the Peppermint the most, which was adorable, as he is rather fond of the mint in the kitchen as well. Starting off on a good note.

My husband sprinkled the seeds for the Sage and Thyme (which yes, we did joke about ‘time-Thyme’ while doing so), and I did the Peppermint and Rosemary. When we brought them inside, I got busy on chalking up the pots so I know which is what (I removed the seed packaging, it was just for the photos sake) and then gave them a drink. I was extra careful with writing with chalk, so don’t laugh at my hand writing. You can see that the Rosemary is tucked behind the Peppermint pot in the photo, purely because my writing was atrocious. I haven’t handwritten using chalk for ages, I have no idea how teachers do it with students watching them writing on chalk/white boards. I’d be too nervous and end up throwing the marker in the air and exiting the room from frustration. Plus, the sound of chalk dragging on a chalkboard? Goosebumps.

Enough from me now, as that’s about all we need to do! They are currently in their spots in the kitchen and I’ll check on them daily (just like it’s Christmas morning – looking for presents under the tree!). Once there’s growth, I’ll pop up here with some photos for you all and we’ll keep at it together. How exciting.

Fingers crossed we get some beautiful green growth soon!


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