Pick A Pile (Blood Trail Spread) – A General Message

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope you all are feeling ready for the week that we have ahead of us. I have provided a pick a pile for this week, it will be a general reading using the Blood Trail spread which is covering the past (representing your mind, past energy, and the background history of the issue), present (representing your body, present energy, and the obstacle in resolving the issue) and future (representing your spirit, your future, the recommendations in resolving the issue).

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For this ‘Pick A Pile’, I have used The Tarot Of Vampyres by Ian Daniels. This is a truly beautiful deck, and I loved putting this together for you all.

Top left – Pile A / Bottom right – Pile B

As you can see from the image above, I have included the piles to choose from. From the top left we have A, and the bottom right we have B. Make sure you have a really good look, and think about which one you are most connected to. Once you have chosen your pile, scroll down to find it in the post below.

Let’s get to it, enjoy!


Pile A – Balance

Past (Representing your mind, past energy, and the background history of the issue)Six Of Knives

The past energy here is that there was a ‘slight’ resolution to something that was troubling you for quite some time. This situation may not be entirely stable currently, however the progress that had been made was reasonably positive.

It looks as though there may have been some travel involved, perhaps a memorable experience that has made a long term implication. This may mean you had a change of heart, and your future is changing from what you thought it would be. This could be due to new opportunities, or a deeper commitment being made. There is a new understanding being made here, and it is surrounding positivity replacing negativity.

You have come through with a realisation, as information that revealed itself was able to explain your present concern. This understanding provided much needed optimism, as you got to the heart of the matter through weighing up information and gathering/organising facts into the picture.

Present (Representing your body, present energy, and the obstacle in resolving the issue) – Ace Of Grails

Presently, there is happiness. It looks as though things are going as you had hoped that they would, as you are coming from an interesting stance. You may be at the beginning stages of a creative or artistic project, and you are in the honeymoon phase where there is pure emotions and emotional contentment.

It looks as though you may have accepted something that was new and uncertain, however things have been reasonably uneventful from the decision being made. You are surrounded by inspiration and imagination, this could also be leaning towards the start of a new relationship/friendship. Where there is love, pleasure, happiness and kindness. There is receptive energy, one that is self sacrificing and forgiving.

Future (Representing your spirit, your future, the recommendations in resolving the issue) – The Magician Reversed

It looks as though coming ahead, you may be struggling with using your skills or talent. This could be due to lack of belief within yourself, and this will be reshaping where you are currently placed. The lack of willpower or defeatist attitude will not work in your favour.

This is also a reminder to keep your ego in check, you may become arrogant about your goals or specific talents. This is a reminder to be balanced, keep your moral/ethics in check when you are proceeding further.

Pile B – Practicality

Past (Representing your mind, past energy, and the background history of the issue) – Five Of Scepters

The background issue here shows ruffled feathers. This may be due to rivalry with others (often the trusted ones), conflict within your close connections and competition around projects.

Your resolve and dedication would have been tested here, as well as things being highlighted in regards to your weaknesses revolving around plans or your approach to certain things. You would have been shown the weakness around your walls, so to speak.

In saying this, there was certainly ambition and self determination. Perhaps a burst of creative energy, or where you found a dedication underlying in why you were acting/doing the things that you were.

Present (Representing your body, present energy, and the obstacle in resolving the issue) – Daughter Of Skulls Reversed

Currently, you are experiencing disharmony. There may be wasted resources and energy here, as you are feeling uncomfortable and disappointed in the current outcome of things. You may have started out on a powerful note, and had high hopes for connections, projects or ideas in place.

Things may not have worked out as you had planned for them to. This is causing you to feel a lack of drive or commitment, as you are feeling uncertain in particular areas of your life. This uncertainty is creating a lack of consistency around your routine and plans.

There may be a lack of reward currently, perhaps you were let down in an application that you found yourself fantasising about being accepted and/or receiving. You may have had an image in your mind about how things were going to turn out for you, and this is leaving you with a brooding attitude, along with a lack of inspiration/direction when moving forward.

Future (Representing your spirit, your future, the recommendations in resolving the issue) – Two Of Knives

Coming ahead, it looks as though an agreement will be found. With minor concerns, there will be a time of peace and a resolution coming forward. This may be in a space of ‘agree to disagree’, and this compromise will be a positive one.

This mutual respect will allow there to be room for a break from any arguments. This tension was causing you to be distracted when trying to make a clear step forward, as when you were moving forward, you kept being distracted with negativity and tension.

With this break from conflict, you will be feeling an emotional detachment from this situation. This emotional detachment will allow you to make appropriate decisions, and you will be able to choose a practical option. Making the practical option is important for allowing balance and change to come through, as things cannot continue the way that they are. Ensure you listen to your intuition during this time.

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