The Celtic Tree Zodiac

Trees play a major role within the faith system across many cultures. In the Celtic world, trees were a source of ancient wisdom. Often chosen trees carried associations with them that provided an understanding of a time frame at hand. The Celtic Tree Zodiac was created due to these associations, along with the seasonal changes/lunar calendar.

It was viewed that an individual born on a particular day would carry similar characteristics of the Tree Spirit, given their birth month. This is much the same as how we relate personality as well as life traits to our specific Sun Sign through use of the Solar Calendar.

Once the Celtic Tree Zodiac was understood, the Ancients used it in order to gain wisdom and healing. The use of manifestation worked positively with the strongest and most productive energy for the time of the year. Each Full Moon was named relative to the tree that was associated with the month in question, and thus rituals were created accordingly.

It is important to note that this is the Lunar Calendar, not the Solar Calendar. The dates associated will differ to your Sun Sign in certain instances, for example, those who are cusp signs/a week either side of the Sun Sign Zodiac – be generous with your associations of the Celtic Tree Zodiac.

Celtric Tree Zodiac

December 24th – January 20th

Born under the Birch Moon, you will find yourself ambitious and naturally driven by your instinct. You are practical, and you like to ensure that those around you have all that they need. You have a useful quality that allows you to not be tied down too negatively from your past as you focus on your present, by shedding toxicity and planting seeds for new beginnings.

You will be able to achieve your goals as you have clear vision with what you want and how to get it. This ambition comes with great intellect, as you will be able to understand matters of the world. This could be in regards to politics and philosophy, or even such things as beliefs/religions.

Your knowledge of the greater world will draw people to you, as you will be deeply interesting to those who love to learn. With a sarcastic nature, this may get you into some trouble throughout your life.

With your youthful attitude and serious heart, you are independent and strive for freedom. It would be difficult for you to be smothered or tied down by others, as you connect best with those who are independent themselves. It is important for you to be around people who share the same drive for ambition, and are goal orientated.

January 21st – February 17th

Born under the Rowan Moon, you will find yourself as naturally inquisitive and desiring the answers to all of the ‘what, how, why and where”s within the world and people around you. You make fantastic inventors, as you hold many questions and curiosities. Your intellect drives you, as well as your spirituality. You will find yourself mentally and spiritually aware and deeply focused.

You are perceptive when it comes to your environment, and when a topic holds your interest you are focused until you figure it out. There are many possibilities within this world, and you have the intention to explore as many as you can. You may seem scattered and disconnected to people around you, those who have yet to understand or figure you out.

With high expectations from your lovers, you will find that respect is something that is demanded from you. You are very particular with those who you welcome into your close circle, and you don’t commit lightly. You are focused on your strong insight with larger and bigger things in this world, often relationships come second as you are focused on creating brilliance within this world. Often something that will last generations, and become something treasured that will help people learn something from.

February 18th – March 17th

Born under the Ash Moon, you will find that you are deeply connected to the eternal cycles of life. This will aid you with being able to endure and push through complex and potentially negative/abusive situations in your life – due to being able to visualise and hold onto the view of the distance in future. You will find that your heart is accepting of those around you, as your own life experiences have been able to ground you. This makes it easy for you to be able to view all kinds of different perspectives.

You will see that your higher calling drives you, this is a drive that often can lead you to being a workaholic or potentially an over-achiever. You often can be caught in a bind where you want to achieve so much so that you are highly competitive in the avenue you choose to follow.

Interestingly, whilst you are a caring and compassionate individual, you will find it easy to disconnect from those connections that have reached their end point. It may be difficult for people to let you go, however, you are able to be emotionally cold when the time demands it. This is not to take away from your incredibly caring nature, it is a trait that can often work in your favour.

March 18th – April 14th

Born under the Alder Moon, you will find yourself being guided by your inner voice. You are a highly gifted psychic, and this will often assist you with being guided to individuals or situations that will be able to give you the security required to thrive comfortably. If you are unable to understand your inner voice, this can often make it difficult for you to understand your motivations or for those around you to understand why you make the choices that you do.

Trust and security is highly important for you. This means that your environment, goals and loved ones are protected to the highest regard. You will be aware of your immediate surroundings more so than others, as you often keep an eye on everything all at once. People may misunderstand your traits as being uninterested or disconnected, when in fact you have eyes everywhere! It would be hard for you to be caught off guard or outwitted. You are certainly not easy to be manipulated either.

For you to allow yourself to connect with others, you need to understand if there is a deeper emotional connection. Things are not based off appearances sake, you need more in order for trust to be placed. Relationships are not entered lightly, and long term commitments need strong foundations for you.

April 15th – May 12th

Born under the Willow Moon, you will find that you are a natural survivor. No matter how hard life can get, you will learn from the experience and set yourself back on your path. Your positive nature can certainly mask the intensity of your emotions, people may often misjudge how deep your emotions can go. People may see you as moody, irritable or bored when situations don’t go as you may have planned them to. You need to be careful when it comes to taking on board too many challenges, or by having the wrong people in your circle. People may often be needy and demanding when it comes to you, as you are a ‘happy-go-lucky’ energy.

Active and energetic in nature, this is where you thrive, as you love new and exciting situations surrounding you. There is certainly a craving for supportive and calm relationships, as this grounds you where it is often needed. You need a balance of activity and serenity. You will often find yourself drawn to those who are exciting and keep you on your feet, however they also need to be a constant source of stability and affectionate when it comes to their support.

May 13th – June 9th

Born under the Hawthorn Moon, you will find that you are physically minded. You need ample time outdoors to replenish and to reconnect. With a playful nature, you may push boundaries of others too far. It is important to work on balancing seriousness with playfulness, as this may draw dramatic situations or manipulative people your way.

You will always have people or activities keeping you interested and busy, it is rare for you to be not doing something. There is lack of forgiveness in your nature, as you tend to either love or ignore those who fall out of your favour. Whilst you may not forgive, you don’t hold a grudge, you would rather ‘nothing’ the person or situation.

There is a strong sense of beauty, as you acknowledge and work with the more physical side of life. Whilst there may be superficial tendencies here, this is more out of the determination to achieve and this is where your strong focus is channelled. Your desire to be seen among those who matter is in fact quite clever, as you are highly sociable. The great thing about your communication skills is that it helps aid you in success, with wherever you place and focus your time and energy. When you want things done, they get done, and they get done well.

You may find yourself attracted to a challenge, which results in you being connected to those who are insincere, or who suffer with commitment issues. It is important that you focus on those who are genuine in nature, however this may leave you struggling to find a needle in a haystack.

June 10th – July 7th

Born under the Oak Moon, you will find that you have internal stamina to see your goals through, regardless of the troubles that come your way. You have a strong understanding that good things come to those who work hard, and this stamina helps you in regards to waiting for the benefits from your dedication.

You bring calm to those around you, while you work hard at guiding others through their troubles. You are highly stable, and in this you may often find yourself blending into the background. There are times where you find yourself surprising others with your higher wisdom and psychic insights. As an avid communicator and educator, this balances around emotional matters. You may find yourself eager to share your knowledge, as you know that this can assist others with their life paths.

Whilst you are independent in nature, you may find yourself seeking emotional support, protection and comfort. You crave love and emotional connection, as this will aid you in feeling whole.

July 8th – August 4th

Born under the Holly Moon, you will find yourself with a fighting and determined Spirit. You often do not give up or give in, regardless of who tries to step in to change you. You stand out when it comes to your peers, and you have a clear focus when it comes to what you want, or what you don’t want.

You are intensely private, and often aloof. This is usually directed at those who you have not welcomed in to your personal space, and people may find themselves not knowing much about you at all as you reveal very little.

To those who know you, you are optimistic, passionate and have a highly imaginative mind. You are creative in nature, and romance can often be your motivator in life. You are motivated by true love only, and you will be drawn to those who compliment your life. Neediness or clinginess is the furthest thing that you find appealing, as you like those who can stand on their own.

August 5th – September 1st

Born under the Hazel Moon, you are an emotional survivor. Coming from an emotionally challenging childhood in this life or past lives, you seek love and emotional support. Often wearing your heart on your sleeve, you find yourself prone to attracting those who can be insincere or who seek emotional healing. This can leave you feeling emotionally isolated further.

You are a natural born provider, as you have a drive to support those around you with anything and everything that they may need. You never want people to go without, as you are kind hearted and generous. With a genuine compassionate nature, this is all that you care about.

As a social butterfly, you have a wide circle of friends and you find yourself drawn to a variety of interests. You are relationship orientated, and you would rather be involved than single. In saying this, you will not linger for long when a relationship takes a toxic or draining turn – you will be naturally direct with where your heart is.

September 2nd – September 29th

Born under the Vine Moon, you are flexible in nature. Your journey in this life is to find a healthy balance between indulgence and pleasure seeking. You may be overly controlling in your actions, however you are unpredictable and find mundane tasks boring. You need continual stimulation and intelligent interaction if you are to remain interested when it comes to tasks or people.

You are looking for support when it comes to allowing your greater talents to shine. This often leaves you prone to attracting enabler types, those who ultimately end up supporting destructive or indulgent ways of behaviour. You need to work on establishing healthy boundaries, not just with others but with yourself. It is important for you to learn your personal limitations.

In your life you will find yourself often in financially comfortable periods, and some times struggling periods. As it is hot and cold, you need to learn to find balance. You will often find yourself attracted to active, interesting and creative people. As you have a thirst for intelligent interaction, you like to connect with those who have a quick mind and fast wit.

September 30th – October 27th

Born under the Ivy Moon, you carry deep wisdom, and may often find yourself as the source of comfort for others when their lives are challenged. Many of you hold mediumship abilities, as you are natural communicators and networkers through spirtiual wisdom.

You take the role as the one who plans family functions or gathering friends for that 10 year re-union. This means that you are often the one who gathers everyone together, to work together. You bring people together in all sorts of ways naturally.

You may be intimately elusive and guarded, however warm and open to those around you externally. You are avid students of life and living, as you know that you never stop learning on this journey. You are eager to educate yourself wherever your imagination takes you.

Often able to see the beauty within individuals and situations, you discover things that majority of people overlook. Whilst intensely private, you allow small few into your inner circle, which makes you selective regarding your love and friendship.

October 28th – November 24th

Born under the Reed Moon, you are emotionally and spiritually driven. You will be interested in life, death and all mystical experiences that embrace both realms. As you are emotionally intense, you often will be insecure and preferring to be with company rather than being alone. You often give back what you receive emotionally.

You are looking for devotion and security in life, and you are quite flexible and adaptable. This works in your favour as you bounce back quickly when you experience emotional disappointment.

As you aren’t one to back down from an argument, you can use your words as poison, and you may often be unaware of the wounds that you leave behind you. You require sincere, unconditional, compatible and supportive connections from those around you for things to thrive.

November 25th – December 23rd

Born under the Elder Moon, you are naturally gifted when it comes to intention setting and manifesting. You embrace change, and often see closed doors as ways of allowing room for new opportunities. You are always busy and focused, with a life full of activity, you are anything but boring.

Being flexible and patient when it comes to your goals, you are determined with your focus and willing to adapt to your intentions if they assist you with achieving success. As you are attuned to the unseen power of the Divine, you learn fast how important it is to be careful with what and who you wish for.

Whilst you are social and outgoing, you are naturally protective when it comes to your home. You are intensely private and selective with who is allowed to enter your intimate space. You prefer to connect with those who are like minded with a love of independence and nature loving spiritual practices. You steer clear when it comes to emotionally manipulative/needy people, and you require space and freedom to be your true self.

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