Chakra Healing – The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Please ensure that you seek professional medical attention first and foremost if you are experiencing similar signs/symptoms

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The Third Eye Chakra provides true insight. This is not only focused around yourself, but also for those around you. The Third Eye Chakra provides clarity and choice. When your Chakra’s are cleansed and balanced, the information that it can provide will be delivered not only clearly, but powerfully. This is psychic energy full of intuition and instinct. You may feel full of hopes and dreams, however fear and ego love to take control within the Third Eye. This prevents your clear decision making and ability for allowing new opportunties to be accepted.

Signs that your Third Eye Chakra may be blocked:

  • Regular headaches.
  • Regular eye strain.
  • Fear based thought process.
  • Excessive anxiety.
  • Regular nightmares.
  • Excessively indecisive.
  • Unable to maintain direction.
  • Paranoid and lost for hope in the future.
  • Trouble understanding your warning intuitive guidance.
  • Obsessive tendencies.
  • Overwhelmingly skeptical in thought.
  • Critical in oneself.
  • Refusal to deal with issues.
  • Obsessive tendencies.
  • Feeling blocked creatively/artistically.
  • Overactive tendencies.

Ways to bring alignment:

  • Focus on these 3 things: Yes, No, Not Right Now. No more hesitation!
  • Be decisive. When you notice yourself feeling uncertain with your direction, take charge, write down your list of options and narrow it down. Make those decisions happen, be firm with yourself. Having a wandering mind is healthy, however, sometimes you just need to finish projects that you start and set your mind to things to make progress.
  • Listen your guidance, however, ensure you are sticking to goals that you set. As mentioned above, be decisive.
  • Finish what you start.
  • Work on compassion, not criticism.
  • Mindfully take action with gratitude.
  • Have a balanced approach to situations.
  • When you feel your emotions shifting balance, take responsibility. Apologise where needed, but where it is necessary, stand your ground. Allow yourself to take charge with your emotions, and be responsible for where it leads you. Ensure you are not having a defeatist approach.
  • Let go of the little things. Don’t hold grudges for things that don’t matter when using a broader perspective.
  • Learn, appreciate, and understand your personality. Learn how to love you.
  • Meditate and/or find relaxation techniques, daily!
  • Make and use a dream journal to assist you with your dreams.

Crystal Healing:

Amethyst, Blue Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite and Labradorite.

Angel Healing:

Archangel Michael for lower energy vibration protection.
Archangel Gabriel with bringing in positive and loving thoughts, as well as healing and clearing emotional issues that are preventing creative release.
Archangel Uriel for clarity where confusion is found and inspiration to bring forward new ideas and thoughts.

Colours & Flowers associated to the Third Eye Chakra:

Purple. African Violet, Echinacea, Forget-me-not Frangipani, Jasmine, Lavender, Pansy, Yellow Roses and Wisteria.

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