February 2021 Numerology Forecast

Number 7 – February 2021

For February 2021, the energy is sitting at number 7. You may remember this energy from December 2020, it represents sacrifical learning. December was tough for many, and you may find that we are not out of the woods yet for February. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, this is actually a good thing. Often when harsh cards are dealt, people tend to bury it and try to move on, without actually working on processing and healing from their experiences.

Beliefs will be put to the test for this month. You will find that throughout February there will be a lot of self reflection. It is a fantastic time to understand your perspective on things, and you will be able to find a way to manage this in a healthy and respectable manner. You may find yourself wanting to retreat, or to go out on your own and do things in your own independent way. However, know that this is not the energy or time to be going at things on your own.

This is a month to focus around communication. It is a time to turn to those that you love and trust. Be open with how you feel, how things are going for you internally and what you are lost in moving forward with. You may find yourself misdirected, or feeling a bit overwhelmed from how the world has been as of late. Allowing time for clear communication will aid in preventing room for confusion or tension. You may be acting withdrawn, aggressive, or just quiet – and this may not be handled well by others who don’t understand what you are personally dealing with, or they may be fragile themselves. It will clear up confusion that they are the cause of your change in pattern recently.

You will find that it will be hard energy to connect with your relationships on the same level that they once were. You will find yourself very internally focused. You may find people are aloof and distant, but people will also believe the same from you. This will be a time where everyone is reflecting on past experiences or hurt, and learning to find ways to cope with the present. This is a month of self focus, observation and progression. People won’t be focused on you, they will be focused on themselves. Forms of aggression this month will certainly be self projections, try not to take anything on board, or dish out what you aren’t mentally in a good space to handle backlash from.

It may be a great month to seek counselling if you find yourself unable to take that step forward towards your future, due to holding onto the past. You may find that this month you understand a deeper meaning into the ways of why you do or act certain ways, and you may find it best to seek guidance from those experienced and trained in ways to help you healthily handle this new found knowledge.

This month is temporary, it is important to remember that. It is a transitional time for all. Think of 2020 as the energy that uprooted a lot of underlying pain and suffering, things that were carrying on far too long, and this year is a year of emotionally learning how to handle and deal with it. February is a crucial month for learning from these experiences. You will be rediscovering who you are, and what you will be growing into moving forward.

What you have learned will be useful for passing on to others who are new to certain experiences, or perhaps you may want to just share some important life lessons. This month will be fantastic at sharing your life experiences, and putting what you have gone through to greater purpose. It will aid you with understanding why you may have gone through what you have, as it could benefit those who can use it towards their own power. Ensure you listen to those who share theirs with you, too. It is equally as important.

For this month, it will be great to use analysis and writing as an outlet. This can either be professionally, or even personally through use of a journal. Your mind will be very mentally stimulated, and you will find a lot more grounding this month compared to how things were in January 2021.

You will find your intuition to be as sharp as a dagger, so ensure you use it wisely. Your observation skills will be tuned in, so it may be handy to look into getting into meditation or finding some quiet time outdoors to connect with your emotions and thoughts. Listen to yourself, and potentially write down the things that come to you as they may be of great importance moving forward.

Keywords for this month: Sacrifice, higher thought, spirituality, the unknown, growth


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