Pick A Pile – An Unexpected Surprise Within 2021 For You

Good morning, everyone.

I thought this would be something fun and different as a topic to choose. This will be a general reading using a one card pull method. This will provide you a message for an unexpected surprise within 2021. This may be something that comes along out of the blue, or a turn of events that you didn’t expect to happen. This message may be able to give you a bit of insight into what that might be and how you can handle this.

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For this ‘Pick A Pile’, I have used The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson. This was one of my favourite Tarot decks for quite a long time, as I love the simplicity and it has an overall gentle energy which is quite unique to have.

Top left: A, B, C / Bottom left: D, E, F

As you can see from the image above, I have included the piles to choose from. From the top left we have A, B, C and the bottom left we have D, E, F. Make sure you have a really good look, and think about which one you are most connected to. Once you have chosen your pile, scroll down to find it in the post below.

Let’s get to it, enjoy!


Pile A, Finances

You may come across a financial hurtle this year. As this has come up as your ‘unexpected surprise’ for this year, it would be in an area where you weren’t expecting it. This may lean towards some troublesome business dealings, perhaps you have had something in the works for a while and it takes a turn that you find unfavourable.

There could be backlash from failing to pay a bill, perhaps you may have a tricky environment with payments and contracts so be careful of those who may be trying to twist your arm. In saying this, be careful of entering in situations where you have to ‘pay up front’, when there has been no information or warning provided beforehand. It will be best that you get things in writing, to save you from pain in the future.

This could also suggest that you have enjoyed placing your money in areas without estimating the financial potential in future. For example, you may have gotten a pay out and spent it all on things that you wanted, rather than needed, and then it turns out you could have used that for something else that is more demanding in the coming weeks. You may have some regret here. You may take on a new debt, perhaps your car breaks down and you need to fork out money to repair it. Those kinds of experiences.

In addition, be mindful of theft. Someone may try to take a ‘bigger cut’ from success and leaving you with less. It looks like the energy will be scattered in regards to signing contracts and entering business agreements, so it is worth being cautious and on your guard with the fine print. Someone may try to pull a fast one on you. In hand with this energy, this also means stepping our of your moral/ethical boundaries within the workplace.

Overall, be careful financially with 2021, as it looks like it may take an interesting turn throughout the year and try to catch you off guard. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Pile B, Endings

It looks as though whilst you have emotional investment in something/someone, there will be a closing of a chapter here. As this has come up in your ‘unexpected surprise’ for this year, this leads the thought that may indeed not be of your own doing. Someone or something may cause some heart hurt here, as you will still have your emotions filling up this bucket.

Whilst there will be hurt and disappointment here, know that this separation will bring forward a lot of contemplation and new beginnings. This doesn’t necessarily point towards it being a relationship, disappointment can come from many different areas of your life. There could be the closure of a career possibility, or even rejection in the form of education. This could also point in the direction that you experience deeply cruel words from another that brings you harm, or someone fails to live up to their promise with something that you may have been really looking forward to.

With the closing of this chapter, another one begins. Know that this will bring forward new beginnings. Stay strong, this will ultimately bring you bigger and better experiences.

Pile C, Resistance

It looks as though there is change coming, one that you were not counting on. There is the chance that it is unwanted or negative, caused by an external influence here. It is important to know that no matter what the case is, you have the ability to take control if you wish to do so.

There is an opportunity for a new beginning, if you wish to accept it. This may mean that you find yourself wrapped up in your comfortable space, and yet you are presented with something new and exciting that you are hesitant to accept.

You may struggle with resistance here, as you hold onto whatever you can to prevent this growth and change. You need to look at this with an open perspective. There is a chance here for health, success and freedom. You must release old attachments such as old ideas, grudges, painful experiences and behaviours.

This opportunity may come in all sorts of forms. Perhaps you are in an unhealthy relationship, and you are presented with an open window where you can take it to jump ship, and yet you are struggling to do so. This may also mean that you are holding onto old ideas where you have put yourself in a job of 9-5 just to purely pay for bills, and yet you are given an opportunity of a new positon at a new company, but you are set in your old ways.

Overall, be honest with yourself. Have a look at things from different perspectives, and see how you feel.

Pile D, Balancing

It looks as though there will be great achievements on the way for you, and yet you will be struggling to go with the opportunities. You may struggle to say yes to the world, or the other side of the coin is that you are saying yes far too much and feeling on top of the world. It looks as though you may try to make mountains out of molehills. It is important for you to hold onto depth, and balance yourself with being humble and down to Earth.

There could be irresponsibility here, or shallowness. Whilst it’s great to remain optimistic, you definitely need to be careful with overabundance. Gratitude is the best attitude to have in life. This is a great blessing to have for this year, as you will have a lot of clarity if you choose to use it. This will be something that you weren’t expecting, as you may deal with a period of frustration and confusion. You will be entering a time of focus and confidence with your actions, just be careful to not feed into your insecurities.

Pile E, Stagnance

It looks as though you may find yourself unexpectedly in a bit of a rut. You may have been on great trajectory, to get into a period of feeling as though you are not getting anywhere. This stagnant feeling may be hard to shake, as things may feel as though they are not as secure as you thought they were.

This could possibly reflect in a few areas of your life. As you will be feeling quite stubborn, you might find people lacking the spark that you were looking for. The roles could be reversed and you look far too conservative, when you were once adventerous. This is the energy where thoughts were set in place, and when you reached the destination, it looked nothing like you thought that it would.

There may be some issues with investments or employment, so this may be an unexpected hurtle that you thought may have been easier than it turns out to be. Be mindful that even though you feel stagnant, every day you are a step closer to your Destiny. You will be getting there, one day at a time.

Pile F, Progression

It looks as though you will be putting in the hard work, and finally getting recognition for all your hard efforts. This will be an unexpected step up the career ladder, or perhaps you will find yourself working on improving your skills and talents further which work out better than you may have hoped.

This looks like a possible promotion or financial increase is on the cards for you for this year. This may throw a spanner in the works, as you will be progressing further.

In addition, this is great for strengthening your spiritual connection. You may find yourself taking a career shift, or seeking deeper meaning in your work day. This is also great news for physical health, so you may have some good news there with your mind, body and Spirit. Relationships will become more committed, as a mutual contentment is found within those close connections.

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