February 2021 Tarotscopes – Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)


Whilst things will be busy and overwhelming, you will be able to handle it. This month is going to be stretched thin for you, you may find as though you have little to no time for everything and yet somehow you will be in control of every plate that is spinning.

It will be important for you to not panic, and take each day as it comes. Don’t think too far ahead, focus on the present and the duties that need your attention one day at a time. You may feel a sense of burden, or perhaps that you are not being given a fair go in some circumstances.

You are never given things that you are unable to handle, remind yourself of this note. When you feel yourself slipping under pressure, pull yourself back up. You are stronger than you allow yourself to be. You can get through this busy and hard time.

Love & Romance

Emotions are running the show for you. You are allowing your emotions to dictate your decisions and choices at hand, which are leading you down a path of destruction.

There may be some emotional traumas that you are escaping from, as you try to distract yourself with neglectful actions. You cannot escape this situation, you must take control and allow yourself to work on healing damages caused.

Repressing your emotions will be leading you to be unreachable, this may be something that you want, but it is not something that you can maintain. This front will break, and when it does, it may be too late to work on troubles with those that you love.

You may have a relationship sparking that is leaving you little to no time for your mind, or to be able to make clear decisions. There may be the sense of falling for feelings of lust and confusing them with something more serious. Ensure you take some time to take a step back, and reflect on what it is that you truly want from this connection, and what it is giving you.

Money & Career

As this connects with your overview, you will certainly be multitasking this month. There will be a lot of pressure for appropriate time management, and this will be something that you will be able to provide with ease.

This is going to be a busy and stressful month for you, however you will be able to get through this with great mental clarity. You will be feeling productive, and you will be able to achieve a lot of the goals that you set or duties that are given to you.

You may be given quite a lot of deadlines, that may all mix and match throughout the month and you may be having to potentially even work over time, and give a lot of your energy into what you are doing. This will be done with ease, as you will be on the ball and the energy is looking good for you to be put under the pump so heavily. You will do great this month!


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