February 2021 Tarotscopes – Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)


You may find yourself in the hot seat of a bit of drama this month. There may be some friends or acquaintances sneaking whispers around, perhaps out of their own enjoyment. This will come with a lot of deceit, and it will add on top to your nervousness as you are unsure who is being truthful, or a liar.

This can also go in hand where you may be in an awkward position where you need to turn to someone to let them know something uncomfortable.

Overall, you may be in a bit of an awkward and uncomfortable position where some news will be heading your way this month. Be careful of petty energy, as there may be people turning against you out of their own benefit.

Love & Romance

There will be external forces impacting your personal space this month. The change that is happening now, will provide new opportunities for the future. If you can find a way to accept the circumstances at hand, this will provide you with overall benefit. You are unable to control the situations at hand, so you need to find a way to live through it and pull out of the end stronger. You need to find control over your future.

Relationships may be difficult to maintain this month, as it seems whatever could go wrong somehow is. Think of this as where you may be on a knowing path that will not be providing any fruit and yet you are ‘trying your luck’, or perhaps things are just working against you no matter what you are going to try.

It is important for you to continue to push through this rough patch. We all have these trying times, but what you must know is that the delays will pass and things all work out in the end better than we often think. The doors are closing, so more can open. Stay focused.

Money & Career

You may fear recognition out of desire for seclusion, and yet you have so much to offer the world. You often find comfort away from the spotlight, and you prefer to fill your life with distractions. You would prefer to choose isolation, rather than be put in it.

There are so many truths and strengths that you have yet to face, once you are able to master the way that reality is and the truths that are before you, you will not be able to handle the path that you are destined to follow. It is important for you to stop running, and buckle up. Power through hardships, and set your distractions aside. Listen to advice from others, and don’t be afraid of others.


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