February 2021 Tarotscopes – Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


Your actions and words will be out of sync this month. You may notice yourself saying/asking one thing, and yet doing another. Your feet will not be following your words, and this will lead you to a state of illusion. Things may appear better than they actually are, when the root is rotten, however the petals still look glorious.

Be careful of venturing down new creative ideas or following along romantic potentials, as things may not be all that they truly are. Ensure you follow your intuition. If someone doesn’t seem all that eager to be there for you, this may indeed be the case, take the painful truth rather than a cushioned lie.

You may be feeling out of touch with your reality, and those around you will be following the same manner. There will be the air of getting things done out of necessity, however there will be a lack of emotions following along with the journey. It will feel robotic, so to speak. There will be a lot of logic and withdrawn emotions surrounding you this month, things may feel distant and out of touch.

Love & Romance

Ensure you aren’t chasing that fixed dream in your mind. Be careful of mind games this month, as there may be someone around you who likes to play with your emotions/mental space in order to gain a financial benefit, or perhaps lead you to doing things for them for their own benefit.

You may be toying with addictive tendancies in order to distract yourself from painful delusions caused by people or situations in your life. This could be with neglectful treatment to your body, by abusing stimulants, in order to deal with your inner torment.

It is not the best time to fall into a long term commitment, as this will not be how you are hoping for it to turn out. Be careful of those who could be deeply disturbed. There is a lot of deceitful energy surrounding you, it is best to wake up to this and turn away.

It’s a great time to take a break this month away from those toxic connections, and turn inward and focus on your inner wisdom and try to learn your inner voice again. Connect with yourself. Listen to your intuition, and bring yourself back into reality.

Money & Career

Work will feel counterproductive this month. You may notice that you are focusing so much on one aspect of a task at hand, only to be neglecting others. Whilst you know how overworked you are, things may be continually piling on top. You finish one task, only to be given double the amount in return.

Your team may be complaining about the work stresses, only to joke and mess around all the same. Things will be feeling quite conflicting and contradictory.

It looks as though there could be a lot of excess in the workplace. You may be over involving yourself, and taking things to a higher level than a normal amount. You may be disrupting your home life from this stance, as you focus all of your energy entertaining your work life. Be careful, as this may cause problems.


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