February 2021 Tarotscopes – Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)


You may be feeling emotionally drained this month, as you fill yourself with a lot of anxiety and lack of self love. There may be energy around you where people could be playing with the strings of your heart, as they work to manipulate you and put you into a position of guilt.

Things will not be as they appear this month, you will be in an emotionally disconnected mind frame. Your actions will differ from your words, as you try to place this sense of separation between your emotions and your genuine thoughts. Things may be tense, a bit stressed, and overall just a bit blah.

As you won’t be seeing things clearly, you will be easy to misunderstand actions that others may make. Try not to let your emotions guide you this month, as they will be a bit all over the place. Allow your intellect to step in, think things through the best that you can before you make any decisions, and allow your mind to take the lead over the next few weeks. Think logically.

Love & Romance

Don’t take a risk when the stake is set so high. You must be careful, as you could be leading yourself down a path that will end up with a lot of energy wasted, and empty hands.

You may be feeling a bit optimistic this month in regards to your personal life, with friendships and relationships. Be careful of reckless decisions, as you may not be putting any weighted thought behind the steps that you are taking.

There could also be an immature, annoying so-and-so that is lingering around in your personal bubble. This person lacks discipline, and doesn’t know when to stop making thoughtless actions.

The energy for this month will certainly be carefree, but with this energy comes much needed caution. Walk with weighted thought.

Money & Career

You are seeing fresh ideas and hope coming forward for you this month. You may be inspiring your team around you with your uplifting nature, but you also may be driving yourself forward towards succession with this new found enthusiasm.

There may be some financial struggles coming your way, perhaps even just a difficult time arising that did not need to happen, but you are being guided to keep your hope sparked and maintain focus on the future. You will be getting through this soon, there is help coming and you will not be suffering long.

Keep the energy balanced, work on your positivity for this month and allow people to inspire you directly or indirectly. What you choose to do, will support those around you.


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