Crystal Care

Negative energy can be absorbed and stored in our crystals when wearing, using or having them around in our personal space within the household. When negative energy becomes stored and remembered with our crystals, this can override the crystals healing information and properties. Our crystals need to stay at a high vibration frequency in order for them to work properly. Crystals must be cleansed after each use, especially after direct contact.

How To Care For Your Crystals

Smudging (Sage)

Burn a smudge stick or sage incense while passing your stones/crystals through the smoke.

Singing bowls or binaural beats
They produce pure frequencies to cleanse your stones/crystals.

Use the Moon (Full and New Moons)
Place your stones/crystals by your window overnight and let them enjoy the moonlight.

Use the Sun
Place your stones/crystals by your window throughout the day and let them enjoy the daylight.

The Earth (Directly into or on the Earth)
Gaia’s energy will help clear your crystals within 24 hours.
You can leave your stones or crystals in your garden either dug into the dirt or lying directly on top of the dirt.

The Use Of Other Stones/Crystals
Use larger stones/crystals that you may have and place them together for a couple of hours to help clear your crystals energy.

Sea Salt Or Salt Water
By running the water, hold it under there and think clearing thoughts.
Be careful with stones/crystals that have a Mohs hardness under 5 when submerging in water.
Remember that crystals with a Mohs hardness under 4 should never be submerged in water.