Planes On A Birth Chart

The Planes on a birth chart are what makes the positioning of the numbers important. When you learn what the positioning within the chart means, it will help you understand your clients birth chart further and it will provide you with further information especially when the numbers are compounded.

Understanding Birth Charts

The Mind Plane
(Top left position of the chart) 

Representing the human head, The Mind Plane is all about the mind. This Plane represents all what is the human mind, our ambitions, imagination, creations and analysing. It has a lot of focus on our ability of memory and responsibilities.

The Mind Plane is specifically connected to the top left of the birth chart, and along this part of the chart is entwined with the Conscious self (3’s, 6’s and 9’s).

Our Conscious self is the land of our creative energy, memory (if used positively it can aid with our confidence and self esteem) and the home of our happiness/sadness. It’s entwined with our Mind Plane as a lot of the characteristics of our Conscious self are used with our mental strengths. Our spiritual awareness is all involved around our Conscious self as it helps us understand our intuition by listening, choosing love and empowering ourselves with our own wisdom.

The Soul Plane
(Middle position of the chart)

Representing the human heart, The Soul Plane is all about the gentler and much more sensitive side of human beings. It holds our love, freedom, happiness, creative expressions (like art), even our wisdom and spirituality.

Entwined with The Soul Plane is our High Self, which is surrounded by our emotions. Things we do we generally will act and express ourselves from our High Self, such as our creativity and spirituality. Our personal needs and desires are governed by this aspect.

The Physical Plane
(Base position of the chart)

Representing human activity, The Physical Plane is how we choose to interact and express ourselves through our body to our surroundings. It is all about learning through sacrifices, our motivation for things within our circle, how we carry ourselves and our levels of patience. Generally it aids in how organised we are in our lives, not just through work but in our personal spaces.

Entwined with The Physical Plane is our Basic Self. When a chart is essentially overruled with Basic Self (1’s, 4’s and 7’s), you will find that they tend to be ego-motivated and their wants trump their needs. It’s a demanding part of ourselves. How we choose to take action is how the world interacts with us. The Basic Self is how we interact with those around us, how we choose to communicate with our loved ones, our abilities of touch/taste/smell/sight/listening. Our Basic Self connects with our High Self through our instinctual behaviour such as insecurities and controlling behaviour.