Your Expression Number

The Expression Number is how you express yourself to people around you. This is your true self, the one you are to yourself internally.

For example, let’s say your Expression Number is the number 6. Number 6 energy is beautiful. It can be a lot to deal with at times, quite difficult, but this is the energy of responsibility and caring. This energy focuses a lot of their attention on loved ones and people in their inner circle.

You may find yourself deep down drawn to wanting to look after others, and you are aware of the responsibility that comes with such care that you aren’t sure if you are up for it or not. When it comes to care within the service industry, you understand how important the role is and you think very logically about it. You would care so deeply, that you would find it hard to cope, even though you would love to help the community and those in need.

Whilst you would be fantastic in service professions such as nursing, teaching or social work – the matter of life and death for somebody would weigh on you. It would be hard to handle as someone with your level of deep, sincere and honest care. You would feel a huge sense of responsibility where every single action you would make would have consequences, and therefore you are left feeling stressed and burned out. You may feel this way no matter what role you are in, as regardless of what you are doing, you do it wholeheartedly. 

Your caring nature may often be taken for granted. You spend your time worrying about what may happen if you make a wrong decision, and you will always put your loved and cared for ones first.

The constant worrying about what may happen can lead to health problems. It takes a strong person to carry this number as their Ruling or Expression Number. With great responsibility comes great reward, and your love, caring and nurturing for those around you does not go unnoticed.