Your Personality Number

The Personality Number is the superficial number on a chart. It is what people think of you, which may not be the real you. This is best explained as a ‘first impression’, this is the way others see you.

For example, let’s say your Personality Number is number 1. As first impressions will take it, you will come across as the independent type.

You have the front of being quite competitive, and striving for the best. Very individualistic. You may find yourself standing out from the crowd by using your sense of humour, and people can be drawn to this characteristic as you make them laugh.

You may come across as oftening doing things differently to others, which is why you may give the impression that you would rather work independently and be on your own. This sense of independence will also represent an air of leadership.

People will perceive you as having a very eccentric personality which is shown quite quickly when initially meeting new people. Others may withdraw into their own world by being nervous by your extroverted persona.