Your Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge number is the true hearts desire. It is ultimately what you really want to do, the burning yearning passion. It is the true purpose that can often be kept hidden, however it is your spiritual calling.

For example, let’s say your Soul Urge is number 9 energy. This is the number of the humanitarian. This energy is all about generosity, selflessness and charitable nature. This energy is the kind of energy that you would be more than happy to live in a tiny hut, as long as you had someone to love and the necessities needed to survive. Your calmness is due to your act of simplicity. You would give your last bite of bread, your last dollar, to whoever was in need. You wouldn’t think twice about it. 

Your Soul Urge is to change the world for the better. You can be frustrated when you see injustice, and you can often be quite bothered when you realise that you cannot make these large changes all by yourself. 

You need to make a difference, you have a large drive for helping. You would be fantastic in the police force, or anything within service. There is also the potential to be a writer or musician with this Soul Urge energy, as this gives you a wider stage/audience to reach. You want to make people feel better, and you will do whatever you can to find a role that suits the feeling that when you finish the day you have helped someone no matter how big or small.

As you give too much, you need to ensure you are looking out for your own needs and desires. It is important to find a balance with this energy.